Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Hypnovisions - Wine and Floating Leaves

Before falling completely asleep I had a couple hypnagogic visions. In the first, a man asked me to pick out a type of wine for him to drink. I thought to myself to tell him to try the white zinfandel, but then I became afraid that he wouldn't be satisfied with my choice.

In the second vision, I saw the trunk of a tree, with one lone leaf growing off it. In the vision, I saw the exact same leaf floating in the air nearby the original leaf. While witnessing this vision, I somehow got the impression that it was symbolic of astral projection. The original leaf is the physical body while the floating leaf is the astral body. The original leaf (body) is tied down and anchored to the physical world (tree), while the floating leaf is free.


Anonymous said...

I like the astral body ananlogy, but on some level the astral body is just an insignificant curiosity.

The real miracle is having identity that is seperate from all bodies. This could be another meaning for the seperate leaf.

Anonymous said...

It is nice that you have visions of leaves. :O)

Siegfried said...

Very interesting!
Still trying to seek approval?
To be honest sometimes I feel like I don't know where I am inside or outside the body.

lorriejean said...

Interesting, some schools of thought believe that the trunk of the tree represents you and the leaves represent your children. Leaves that have broken away can represent children that have not come through because of miscarriage, change of mind or other reasons.

Sweet Blog--- Enjoy your journey to enlightenment- It really is about the journey since a part of us already knows everything anyhow.


Lorrie Jean

Sophia said...

Hi Moss,

Yes, on some level - an even higher level - the astral body might seem insignificant, but from my physical perspective the astral body is higher and therefore more significant.

I'm only learning about these things now, but I have a link on the side of my blog that's been there since February of 2007. I never looked at it in detail, but tonight, when I went to explore some of it I found an article which speaks about the layers of bodies of man.

Sophia said...


I seek less and less approval the older I get (or the more I grow).

Lost? You need a compass. :)

Sophia said...


Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment!

That is an interesting interpretation of the tree and leaf symbols. I've never had any children, nor have I ever tried, but who knows, maybe just the potential alone is enough.

I truly agree with you that it is all about the journey. I am sure that after enlightenment there is more to do spiritually.

lorriejean said...

>>Sophia Said: but from my physical perspective the astral body is higher and therefore more significant.>>

I offer that the astral is no more significant Than the physical. You may wish to look intuitively at the possibility of activating the energy from some of the even Higher bodies. Such as the etheric or Cosmic. The astral has some pretty bizarre and confusing elements. Radiate from the highest realm you can to affect all the lower bodies.

This way all aspects can work in harmony, in the physical. This can create heaven on earth.

Have fun,

Lorrie Jean

PS Thanks for listening struck a chord with some previous learnings

Anonymous said...

Run! Sophia Run!

Tor Hershman said...

The tree and leaves have root dined upon the flesh of former believers.

Sophia said...

Hi Lorrie Jean,

Sometimes I think this physical realm has some bizarre and confusing elements. :)

Thanks for your comments.

Sophia said...


Not with my broken toe!

Sophia said...

Hi Tor,

Nice to meet you.

Nice analogy for the process of birth, death, decay, birth.