Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Gau - Tibetan Buddhist Prayer Boxes

In 2001 I saw a movie in the foreign film festival called "Himalaya". (It is one of my top two or three favorite-all-time movies.) One of the characters in the film was wearing a pendant that I fell in love with. I am trying to find one like it. The closest I've come in my short Google search so far is this amulet box:
I've also found this:

At these prices I can keep on dreaming, but I'm hopeful that I can at least find a replica. There are many different styles of Gaus, Ghaus, Gaos or prayer boxes, but it's the figurine inside the peep hole that I like.

Have you ever seen one of these before?

At least watch the movie trailer. Click on the title of the movie to watch it. I don't think the trailer shows the Gau, but I do want to point the movie out to you. If you have Netflix, now is a good time to put it on your queue! The music is stunning; I've had the soundtrack for years. If you watch it, let me know what you think.


Soturinainen said...

Try this, if you find something you like :-)

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