Sunday, June 22, 2008

Thor's Gift

I live for these days when I can hear the rain against the window panes, the rumble of thunder and the bright flash of lightening. Since I was a child the storms excited and thrilled me. My father would take me and my little sister out on the front porch to watch them. I loved the smell in the air, and the BOOM! I always held my ears, but not anymore. The other day I visited my grandmother and we were talking about rain. I confided in her that I loved storms, and she reminisced about how much my father loved them when he was a boy. She said he would run out to the back porch and just watch the sky. She demonstrated the look he had on his face; her eyes were wide open with a look of wonder and deep interest.


DOT said...

Oh Sophie! You give me goose pimples with this post. I went to a boarding school in Lancs, UK, which for a long time had the Guinness Book of Records submission for the longest continual thunderstorm ever recorded - 10/11 days if I remember correctly - in the late fifties while I was there.

It was pure bliss! I would have been eight or nine at the time and thrilled to every rumble.

DOT said...

Sorry Sophia - I called you Sophie but the sentiment is the same!

Sophia said...

Dot, you can call me anything you like. "Sophie" makes me feel younger, anyway.

That is a long thunderstorm! They never seem to last long enough, here. As soon as one ends, I check the forecast in the hopes there will be more, but usually I am disappointed.

You are lucky to be able to have such a storm in your memory.