Thursday, June 12, 2008

My Secret Admirer

"My heart beats only for you."

I received the most romantic email ever yesterday. I was taken quite by surprise, to know that I might have a secret admirer somewhere out there. Actually, I was quite flattered. When I read the words, my soul reverberated, my heart quivered. I was reminded of the passionate feeling of newfound love in which my emotions and body reacted simultaneously. Could this be one of my soul kin, who has finally found me after searching for me for lifetimes and in numerous universes? Would we reunite and complete the cycle of birth and rebirth, the end of time in which cosmic consciousness recognizes itself and all souls are freed in a state of everlasting happiness and bliss?

Too bad it was spam.


Suze said...

Oh gosh, Sophia. . . that's so ironic.

Christi said...

Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday dearest Sophia
Happy birthday to you!

I hope this year brings you nothing but growth and joy.

With much love,
~ Christi

Siegfried said...

What does it matter. Attention is love.

Siegfried said...

Hartelijk gefeliciteerd!!!
You're my twin. Almost.

Sophia said...

Hi Suze,

Hehee... I was in a comical mood when I wrote that.

I get some, um... rather interesting spam mail. They keep trying to sell me penis enlargement pills. The only thing is, I don't have a penis.

Sophia said...

Hi Christi!

Thanks for the birthday song!

I don't know if you got it or not, but a few days ago I left a message for you on your cell phone. I thought we could get together so you could talk about your glucose test. You can have my shoulder if you need a shoulder. I'm really sorry about the results; I know it is a lifestyle change. Next week good for you? If you like, you can call me and we can make plans.

Sophia said...


That might be why I like attention. :)

"I gotta have some of your attention, give it to me!" ~Pretenders

Was that Dutch for "happy birthday"?

Alexander M Zoltai said...

You are on a roll, Sister !

Keep that incisive humor flowing and depression will giggle with delight...

~ Alex

Sophia said...

Hi Alex,

My depression - for the most part - seems to have taken a vacation. I won't say it's gone for good, but it has given me a bit of freedom lately. I'm so happy about this. :) It would be nice if it could stay gone.

I hope your depression is taking it easy on you, too.

Alexander M Zoltai said...

from Sophia:

"I hope your depression is taking it easy on you, too."

from Alex:

Hmmm... I think, during this hard-to-bear social ritual called Father's Day, it's more like I'm taking it easy on my depression...

~ Alex