Saturday, June 7, 2008

I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry

It's 12:46am and I've been all alone since 10:30pm. I'm feeling an overwhelming sense of loneliness. My "special friend" hasn't written today and generally my email inbox has been quiet. I've posted several inane comments on a newsgroup but it's like a ghost town, there.

Dammit, I want attention. I seem to feel this loneliness and need for attention most when I'm manic.

I was stroking my ego tonight by searching for links to my online art gallery. (Yes, it's an alternative way for me to get attention.) One webpage had several comments, one of which was, "These visuals almost replicate the effects of cubensis psylocibin or lysergic acid!"

Is that a compliment?


I always thought dreams were short, but tonight I've had a second opinion. I watched my dog running in her sleep for almost two minutes. I was worried at first that she might be having a seizure or something, but when I called her name she stopped.

One of the pleasures of owning dogs is stepping in drool bare-footed.

I'm terribly bored tonight.


Siegfried said...

You're just like me.
It's strange this thing called love. You'll never know when it hits you. And you never know beforehand which one hits you.
Who care less wins. Absolutely. This is true in love.
Now I'm talking nonsense.

Sophia said...

Who knows, Siegfried, maybe we're members of the same soul family.

You're doing fine. I only understand nonsense anyway. :) That's the only language I speak.

jim said...


Alexander M Zoltai said...

"Lonely" times are great for "talking" to your Animus:

~ Alex

Sophia said...

Hi Jim,

I know just what you mean! Now you speeky da language. :)

Sophia said...

Hi Alex,

You're one of the few people who probably has any idea what this stuff is.

Sometimes I think my animus is negative. It could probably use a few conversations, because it's always trying to get noticed by causing my personality to be negative. Even when I'm on the right track and becoming closer to a whole, animus steps in and causes me to lose my balance. If I acknowledge it more, talk to it more, maybe it will stop trying to get my attention by causing me to behave irrationally.

How do you talk to your anima?

Alexander M Zoltai said...

"If I acknowledge it more, talk to it more, maybe it will stop trying to get my attention by causing me to behave irrationally."

This is just what Jung said ! It's when we ignore our "other half" that we do weird stuff...

As far as "talking" to the Other Half, try this info for a few hints:
Then, just let it happen in your mind--give the anima permission to appear and interact--weird, wild, and wonderful!

~ Alex

Cookiemouse said...

How does one talk to the anima? I just talk and she answers back. When we both get fed up of talking we just sit and breathe in and out, in a nonchalant zen like manner.