Thursday, June 5, 2008

Is it Hot in Here or is it Just Me?

A week or so ago I went out with three of my ex-coworkers for lunch. It was so nice to see them again. They only wanted to know how I've been doing, and they didn't bombard me with questions. I wouldn't have minded the questions, but it was good to know they wanted to eat lunch with me just to see me, instead of to be nosy. Below is their picture. They'd probably kill me if they knew I put their photo on the Internet. But I won't tell them if you won't. Shhhhh!

Yesterday I received a phone call from Laurel. It was great to hear her voice. Hearing it made me want to see her again. I also heard from A. in the morning, which was really nice. He was helping me out with a computer problem. So, I heard from two wonderful people yesterday. It was a splendid surprise!

Here are some photos I took of some plants around my house. I've kind of got a green thumb this spring.

Below is my pride and joy. I've never had a Hen and Chick get this big! I put a quarter on it so you can judge how large it is. I'm crazy about these things! I want more! I now have - in addition to these - three strawberry pots full of them. I want some other varieties, though.

This is a peony bush I just planted. I dug it up out of my mother's back yard. I have another small one but it's struggling.

Here are some other various plants from the back yard:

And, to top things off, I've made a few fractals lately. It's a hobby I ignored for more than a full year. I hope I'm getting back into it as much as I used to be.


Alexander M Zoltai said...

I am SO familiar with Customer Service Hell !

My whopper was the guy at PayPal, who, after being asked if he forgot that he was there to serve me, actually said, "No, I'm here to educate customers..."


So, Customer Education is about as effective and productive as the American Educational System...

If I didn't have a goal much larger than myself, this life would hold absolutely no appeal...

You hang in there, Dear.

~ Alex

Sophia said...

These people must feel that they're in a position of power or something.

My husband can usually tell when I'm about to go off on a customer service rep. He goes, "Uh oh." LOL

jim said...

Good luck Sophia with the computer stuff, sounds a lot like my experiences of late. However, after two weeks of difficulty with MSN and their updates and related problems, all of a sudden, the fix was in, it turned out that perseverance was the key, so maybe you will have to bear with the tasks of figuring it out? Anyway, I am feeling for you! Good luck with that.

Great that you have been busy with those plants, the pics are terrific and the plants and flowers too of course.

What is it that you spray the spray on? Is it like that weird unknown stuff you see on tv commercials that just, mysteriously, says 'just apply it directly to the forehead'?

Are you posting fractals yet?

Anyway, good to hear from you, and yes, it is hot IN HERE, try a fan, I have two.

Take care Sophia, my love and my best to you and yours.

Sophia said...

Hi Jim, Love,

From my experience, everything that goes wrong usually gets righted sooner or later so I'm just sitting here waiting for a solution to reveal itself to me. I'm lucky because people always do nice things for me and give me helpful information.

I spray the spray five times under my tongue. It has a bit of a nice sting to it, probably the caffeine. It does make me wild, though. Just apply directly to the tongue!

Yes, I'm posting fractals again. You can check out my home page to see them. There will be more soon.

I'm so happy to have heard from you. Think of me, and I'll think of you, too.

Christi said...

The plant pictures are lovely! I was too tired to actually start my seeds this year and I'm kicking myself now... but what is, is, eh?

I'd love to see you before the little one arrives, if you have time for coffee or tea or something in the near future.

With hope,
~ Christi

Sophia said...

Hi Christi!

I know all about that. I bought seeds for green beans, eggplants, poppies and some other things that I never got around to planting. I hope the seeds last until next spring. At least I got the catnip, milkweed and anemones planted.

Absolutely! Let's get together. I was thinking the same thing. Even dinner would be nice, as long as it's not a place that is expensive. (I hate to sound cheap....) Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays between 12:00pm and 4:00pm is best for me but I can really do any time. Let me know what's good for you!

Love ya bunches.

Anonymous said...

That Energy Srpay sounds great.

Thanks for the flower pictures. I enjoy close up flower pictures a lot.

Christi said...

I'm going to be in your neck of the woods today since I failed my glucose tolerance test and need "diabetes counseling" if you're available.

Just call my cell phone - I should be done after about 11:30.

~ Christi

Sophia said...

Hi Moss,

I plan on taking more photos this summer.

Instead of buying an expensive camera like I've been thinking about, I might just become a point-and-shoot junkie. At least that way there's less equipment to carry around.

Sophia said...

Hi Chris,

I'm so sorry I missed you. I hope you got my voice mail the other day. I'd really like to offer my support if you're up for getting together next week. I'd love to see your beautiful smiling face.