Thursday, June 12, 2008


I've been hanging out at my art blog for a while. Just dealing with my art as an obsession for the time being. As with other various obsessions I sometimes have, most other things get neglected. For more than three years I've gone in and out of creative phases. The husband unit and psychiatrist recommend that I find another hobby to get me outside more. I used to enjoy photography, so it's possible I might get back into it, depending on if I want to spend the money on a camera or not, and I will only use Nikon cameras, so I'm quite spoiled. I have a nice Nikon SLR from the 90s but it is a film camera. It's time to have a nice digital camera. I am hopeful that my old auto-focus lenses will work on the new Nikon. I'm thinking about buying the D60 body, I just haven't decided whether or not to buy it with or without the kit lens. I need to dig all my lenses out of the storage bin in the closet to see what I have. Then I'll run to the local camera store to test out the lenses. It's a big investment so I might end-up talking myself out of spending the money, regardless of how many times the husband tries to talk me into it.

It appears that all three people who have taken my "friend test" know me quite well. That's actually very flattering, to know that people have taken the time to get to know me so well. Thanks.

I'll either be here or at my art blog, though chances are I'll be at my art blog. I don't know how long this current obsession will last.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Sophia!

I hope that the next 30 years bring you even more joy.

I am not suprised that people know you well. It is my impression that you express yourself quite well on your blog.

Have a great day. :o)

Sophia said...

Thanks, Moss!

I hope I'm here for the next 30 years. :)

I wish I could express myself like this offline.

It was nice to hear from you. Have a wonderful weekend.