Saturday, June 28, 2008

Synchronicity Journal June 28, 2008

Two words have given rise to significant synchronicities today.

Syzygy and epicene.

With syzygy, I was reading on the internet about the "syzygy" between anima and animus. Later today, a rather brilliant man sent me an email speaking about the "syzygy" between spiritual and physical union.

With epicene, a poster to a newsgroup I hang out in used the word in his post. Tonight, I was reading a friend's blog and he used the word in one of his apothegms. (Karl is a brilliant man, too!)

You don't see these words every day.


Siegfried said...

Well, you know, sometimes words have two meanings.
Sorry, I mean too.

Siegfried said...

Sygyzy: (Dictionary) no results found.
(Google) circa 16,400 results. Also, a blogger.
Syzygy: a term.
epicene: effeminate, bisexual, not very attractive.

Sophia said...

Double entendre?

If you look closely, you'll see the synchronicity goes deeper... there is a relationship between the words.