Thursday, February 7, 2008


I would give you my unconditional love
My utmost sincere devotion
In exchange for your opening my eyes
Bestowing upon my ear your supreme secrets
I continue to wait, faithfully, loyally
Knowing you'll arrive to transform me
To transform this constant yearning
For love from you and from God
Into fulfillment and higher consciousness
I know you won't show yourself unless asked
So now I am asking you to show yourself!
Even if you can't be in my presence,
I can sense you in my thoughts,
I can sense your love and guidance.


I'm going to work on this, so this is just a sketch for now. I expect there will be updates as the feelings move me.


goatman said...

I have a painting titled "landscape" by a famous artist; how can one create and not have the creativity to name, is beyond me?

I am reminded of a zen parable:

"Man stands in the shadows and wonders why it is dark."

Best of luck in your rescue.

Rob said...

This might help.

Best of luck!

Anonymous said...

Sounds interesting.

Sophia said...

Hi Goatman,

As you know from my old art blog, I have run into this problem before, of not knowing what to name something. I let you take care of that for me a couple of times, remember? :)

I think the fear involves putting something without limits into a label which binds.

Sophia said...


Thank you for your thoughtfulness. I will venture that way to see what is waiting for me.

I envy your devotion to a spiritual master. I truly believe without one, we can get lost in the spiritual maze. Everyone has been telling me for more than three years now that everything I need to know is within myself, but I'm in the same place I was three years ago.

Sophia said...

Mossy, thanks. My spirit was really thirsty.