Saturday, February 2, 2008

Past, Future and Acceptance - a Few Words

I can't change my history, but I can try to control my future. I'll mess-up again, but I'm going to accept that.


night sky said...

Hi Sophia,

This is off-topic, but I wanted to pass the text below on to you, just in case it should speak to you, or even perhaps someone else reading. It was posted to a Yahoo group the other day by someone I respect.

Have a good weekend!

"Hi Jedi Jodi, I see the Force is with you.

"I think that anyone involved in spiritual practices who encounters depression, should consider the possibility that this is Dark Night of The Soul Vadar testing and
attacking. It's always easier to suffer for a great cause. Somehow, we don't muster the same endurance and perseverance to fight for self, as when we fight for others, a cause, and ideal, or God himself. 40 years ago, or so, I encountered that terrible monster too. I walked around desolation valley for 5 years until I found Eden not to expelled ever again, or so I think. And my only consolation was that little book written by the Spanish monk Saint John of the Cross: The Dark Night of the Soul."

Vincent said...

the shamans believe that you can change your past, not literally change its events, but heal the past. I am not suggesting to get into shamanic practices or beliefs, but to let go of this image of the looming unchangeable past. We can find treasures in the past that we had ignored by preferring to think of that time as a disaster.

Lucid said...

Your not alone, trut me! No one is perfect, no one is going to be perfect, and frankly, I don't think I would really want to be :)

Sophia said...

Night Sky,

That was beautiful. Thanks for sharing it with us.

I was just speaking with someone else the other night about depression and spirituality. It was an interesting point they brought up. Why are depressed people drawn to spirituality? Does spiritual need cause someone to be depressed or does depression cause someone to be spiritual? I answered that the depression was a dark night of the soul. I think we notice this emptiness inside ourselves, and are drawn to fill it with something divine. I think of it as a calling. I wouldn't have answered the call if I wasn't depressed, so maybe the depression was there to get me to focus my attention on something higher.

I dont know, it's just a thought. I don't think we can ever explain these things in certain terms.

Sophia said...


You've brought up an excellent point.

Why do some of us tend to focus on the painful pieces of our past, instead of remembering the pleasant things?

From my experience, sometimes, I have to put effort into remembering the good history. The bad seems to sweep over me uninvited.

A lot of times I feel remorse for my own past behavior. It would help if I could paint over those bad memories with images of my accomplishments.

I think I'm starting to take responsibility for things I've done, for the way I've behaved at times. At least I'm getting somewhere.

My only worry is that, like last time when I made so much improvement, I'll go in reverse and make mistakes again. We all make mistakes, I know that, but I don't want to make the mistakes that could have been avoided by being more rational about things.

Sophia said...


If everyone was perfect, we'd all be the same. And just imagine how boring that would be!

Siegfried said...

Past mistakes are priceless.
I found out that all my mistakes with one girl helped me relate better with another girl or the next. and I am very grateful.

Anonymous said...

And what of the present.

Patricia Singleton said...

In my favorite Wayne Dyer book Your Sacred Self, he quotes someone else that says, "In my world, nothing ever goes wrong." I choose to believe that all of life's challenges bring me a gift with the challenge. I am who I am today because of all of my past. I like who I am today. You may be saying to yourself, "Well, she must have had a happy childhood." Check out my blog and you will find out differently. My spiritual journey is what I choose to write about. Some of it isn't pretty and I am the strong, caring person that I am today because of my past. You are too because of your past. Have a glorious day.

Vincent said...

Sophia, it is not just images of our past accomplishments that can make us feel good about ourselves. It is images - when they come to us - of gifts we received, in the form of being lifted up out of the blue, sometimes inexplicably, so that we were able to carry on. There was never a cloud without its silver lining. Same then, same now.

Sophia said...


That's a positive approach to mistakes - use them as lessons. :)

Sophia said...


Excellent question. How long does the present last? Is there enough time in the present moment to do anything? I think the only thing I can do in the present is just be.

What about you?

Sophia said...

Hi Patricia,

Nice to meet you! I am excited about reading your blog, which I had a moment to glance at earlier. I'm getting ready to read some of your posts here in a moment.

You are right about past experiences making us who we are today. Even though I sometimes go through long episodes of depression, I wouldn't want to be anyone else in the world. I like being me, imperfect though I am.

Here's to these moments becoming the past moments which have shaped ourselves of tomorrow!

Sophia said...


I've received a lot of wonderful gifts, and I'm not just speaking about material things. My favorite gifts of all are those that come from the heart of its giver. I have a lot to be thankful for.

Everyone here on this blog has lifted me out of the blue, just by being here and extending to me their friendship. I am the luckiest person alive. :)

Anonymous said...

:) NOTHING can be done outside of the present!

The present is eternal. It is always here, forever. Future is an abstract concept developed by our old friend Mind. It is as real as a mental image of the dark side of the moon.

OK maybe I am being a bit strict here dis-allowing the use of the concept of "future" for planning purposes, but the mind is so tricky that it is really very practical to do something, anything, Now. The best thing that we can do to change ourselves is to grab a tiny piece of reality now. Each tiny taste of Now changes us forever. The food of the Soul is "Now".

Sophia said...

Hi Mossy,

You're sounding wonderfully upbeat tonight. I love the vibes you're putting out!

How could I possibly forget Now? I shall have to feel my feet on the floor to remind myself.

Anonymous said...

I urge anyone who has not done so to read Richard Bach's little book called _Illusions_. I like this book so much that over the years I've given away dozens of copies.

My favorite sentiment from the book is "There is no such thing as a problem without a gift for you in its hands. You seek out the problems because you need their gifts."

It is the only book published to date that ends with a comma. Discount book stores used to carry it for sale in the $7 range.


Sophia said...

I read this bit in the synopsis: "...even the darkest clouds have meaning once we lift ourselves above them." This is like what Vincent said about even clouds having silver linings.

Some people find meaning where others wouldn't even think to look.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Sophia,

Excellent idea about the feet. I am doing the same.

Anonymous said...

Hello H.A.

I also enjoy Richard Bach. I read all of his older books. I have not yet read any of the ferret stories(except in book stores) but they look good.