Monday, February 25, 2008

Dream Date February 25, 2008

The dreams I had today were very odd, and I can only blame my current state-of-mind for them, as it is in a state of disarray at the present moment. Nothing is to fault for this condition, except for chemicals in the brain. So all I can do is ride it out and not make too much of a fuss about it. I remember four dreams from a nap I took midday today.

Last night, before going to sleep, I said a prayer inside my head. I don't really know if it's a prayer or not, or just sending a thought out into the universe. I really don't pray. So let's just call it sending a thought out into the universe. In my thought, I asked that my spiritual teacher be shown to me in a dream. Now the question is, which one of the dreams below introduced me to my spiritual teacher, if at all. It could be that none of these dreams showed me the teacher. Because it was last night that I "prayed", but today that I dreamed. I do not remember my dreams from last night, so perhaps he/she was shown to me in a dream that I do not remember. Or maybe they simply did not come forth. I think that my teacher is here somewhere in the physical plane, but I believe it is possible that I would be able to somehow meet their astral presence in a dream.

Dream 1:

My grandfather, who I am estranged from, is standing in a room with me and another man with a mustache. The man with the mustache is asking about who is the next of kin. I can't remember the reason for his wanting to know this, but I tell him, "There's a brother, a sister, a mother, father, me, my grandfather here, his father - my great-grandfather even!" (In real life I do not have a brother, and I never met my grandfather's father as he was dead before I was born.)

The next thing that I can remember, the man with the mustache is spanking me with something black that he's holding in his hand. Next, he threatens to spank my cat Peachy. I implore him, "You can't do that to her. She's fragile and it would devastate her if you were to do that to her."

Dream 2:

I am examining the long strands of my hair. Several of them are coated in a beige-colored plastic. I begin to scrape the plastic off with my fingernails.

Dream 3:

I am in a gift store, which mostly sells books and maps to a park. The cashier accuses my mother of stealing a map. I yell at the cashier and call her a b*tch. The truth is, my mother has bought several books and a map from her store. Later in the dream, I'm walking and the cashier and her husband are walking behind me. I physically threaten the husband.

(Note: I dislike dreams like this where I am verbally and even physically abusive. I assume that I have them because I am letting off steam from emotional turmoil.)

Dream 4:

Out on a road of dust in a very rural desolate location, at the corner of an intersection, is a booth sort of like a bus stop. Only, the booth is yellow and has a big McDonald's "M" insignia at the top of it, and there are benches inside with a McDonald's ordering menu on the wall. There are several people sitting inside the booth eating food. Across the road is a real McDonald's restaurant. The sign in the booth tells me that I can order my food from this booth before picking it up from the actual restaurant. I can also buy a gift card, if I like.


Vivienne said...

Hey Sophia,

sounds like you had some very interesting dreams. Did you manage to make sense of any of them in the meantime?

Regarding your teacher, know that the Universe's way of showing you things might be different from what you are expecting them to be. So if you ask for the Universe to show you in your dream, they might just be giving you a hint or maybe you have been shown on the astral plane but are not aware of it consciously. Just know that the Universe does answer if you ask. You will soon see when the time is right. All in divine time.

Much love,

Siegfried said...

Life is a mystery. Be kind.

Siegfried said...

But don't be too nice.

jim said...

You, Sophia, are a very complex person, but relax and enjoy it, even as you wrestle with it.

Just saying hello, Love to you.

Cookiemouse said...

Do we meet on the astral plane, or are we just dreaming about memories? There have been times in my dreams when I felt pretty sure I was meeting someone very close to me. It is a good idea to try to focus your awareness when in the dreamstate. Look on everything as a magical show. We are all children of the dreamtime.

Anonymous said...

Hello Sophia, my dear,

Did you ever order that book that you wanted to read?

Sophia said...

Hi Vivienne,

It often seems like I can never make sense of my dreams. I've witnessed others interpret dreams with a lot of skill and I wonder how they are able to do it. I feel certain that there is a purpose to them, and that there must be some meaning behind them, even if it is our own psyche or soul trying to get our attention.

As the saying goes, the Universe works in mysterious ways. I'm trying to be careful not to place any demands on it. Maybe I'm putting too much pressure on it. Perhaps I should loosen my grip a bit to let the universal blood flow more easily.

Sophia said...


Being kind comes naturally enough, and I feel lucky to say that because not everyone can say that.

I've seen some people who are too nice. They easily get taken advantage of by others.

Sophia said...

Hi Jim,

Thanks. I'd rather be complex than simple! :) I think there is quite a bit more to complex people than there are to simple people, more puzzles to solve, although simple people probably live easier and less-worrisome lives.

I'm sending out some rays of love to you. Maybe the Universe swiftly carry them to you!

Sophia said...

Hi Cookiemouse,

I think I got close today to focusing my awareness on my dream. I seem to be improving on my dream recall, but I've noticed that I mostly recall dreams from naps. That's the first step, I think, to have good recall. Then I can work on being more aware, and possibly can consciously interact with my dream surroundings! I hope so. :)

Sophia said...

Hi Mossy,

I never ordered it. It's on my list of books to someday buy, though. :) I'm too cheap to buy anything right now.