Thursday, February 21, 2008

Poem for the Figure in My Mind

Where did you go
I've been waiting for so long
To see the smile I saw
All those yesterdays ago

Will you be there
When all those tomorrows
Come rushing in
Through the door of today

I sat and pondered
Wondered all about you
I looked up at you
Just like a child

You could have been my father
Maybe you could've been God
I would have settled for best friend
But these are just dreams

Some say I'm afflicted
With an absent-mind disease
But I'm just lost in thought
About you and me

I couldn't stop myself
From turning to you
Everytime a new decision
Had to be made

I might have hung on
Too tightly I clung
You were my life support
My very breath

But here I am now
Willfully without you
Just to prove to myself
I can be alone

If truth be told
It's not so hard to do
But I don't like it
Not one little bit

I'd rather have you
Holding my shaking hand
Leading me through darkness
And over rough terrain

So if you don't mind
From this moment on
In my imagination
You're standing beside me

That will give me strength
And all the resolve I need
To get me through the days
That you're not with me

Maybe you didn't need me
Like I needed you
I like to think that you did
Maybe just a little?


jim said...

Very real, very sincere, great piece of work, you and the writing, very fine indeed!

Alexander M Zoltai said...

Repeated Amazements come from this woman who calls herself Sophia...

~ Alex

Sophia said...

Thanks a lot, Jim! :)

Sophia said...


You're making me feel special. :)

Hehee... thanks!