Friday, January 4, 2008

To You. Who Are You? Are You Out There?

Slave to thinking,
What an abomination!
Hunger, thirst,
For higher consciousness!
Mind, ahead of heart,
Pawn of deep thought.
Why revere, man of flesh,
Blood and bones?
Take these reins,
Guide me!
Separate the force,
The thought, the will.
This self-possession!
Give to me,
I will obey,
Cosmic laws,
Not while sleeping!
Allow me to develop,
Spiritual senses,
Sound reason!
Free me from the ordinary,
That you must,
If you please!
Exceeding existance,
Lies in wait.

Do not let my soul remain a miscarriage!

Inspired by _Knowledge of the Higher Worlds and Its Attainment_: Chapter VIII, by Rudolph Steiner, [1947]

"...For once a mistake is made and one of the soul-forces falls a prey to unbridled excess, the higher soul comes into existence as a miscarriage. The unrestrained force pervades the individual's entire personality, and for a long time there can be no question of the balance being restored. What appears to be a harmless characteristic as long as its possessor is without esoteric training, namely, a predominance of thinking or feeling or willing, is so intensified in an esoteric student that the universally human element, indispensable for life, becomes obscured."


Greg Allen said...

Hi Sophia,

I was a bit bored with internet news, so I googled "enlighten me", and found your blog!

Great stuff!

Thought I'd share a link to mine, which will say a bit about "who I are"... :0)

Dance In the Moment,

Greg Allen

Siegfried said...

A monk said to Chao-chou, " I have just entered the monastery. Please teach me." Chao-chou said, have you eaten your rice gruel?" The monk said, "yes, I have." Caho-chou said, "Wash your bowl."

Cookiemouse said...

And so the monk left the monastery to go and find a religion where the food was better.

Siegfried said...

Een goeie! Heel goed!

Sophia said...

Thanks for your visit, Greg. I stopped by to say hello at your site, and took a listen to some of your wonderful sounds. Love your music!

Sophia said...

Funny, funny, Siegfried! It's very Zen, really.

It reminds me of the koan where the master tells the disciple to empty his cup.

Sophia said...

Cookiemouse, you gave me such a delightful chuckle.

Hmmm... I hope I don't seem to be looking for the most luxurious path.

jim said...

You are fine, just keep experiencing, your heart and soul are in the right place, Love to you Sophia.

Enlightenment Tenant said...

Hi Sophia,

Reminds me of

"Enlightenment seeker, huh? Most of your friends and family think you are crazy? Buddha ran away from his warm comfortable bed. Neo left Thomas Anderson. Come on this Retreat and end the craziness! Buckle your seatbelt, Dorothy, 'cause Kansas is going bye-bye."

This Crazy Thing Called "Enlightenment"

You pointed out Oshana in the past, I return the favor.

Dane, Greenland

Sophia said...

Jim, I guess that's what we're here for, to experience. The puzzle is trying to wade through experiences that don't aide in our growth.

Sophia said...

Hi Dane,

Oh how I would love to go on such a retreat! It seems all the good retreats are oceans away. At the moment finances keep me from traveling afar, as well as a lack of free time from work. It sounds like just the retreat for me, and I'm sure I'd get a lot from it. Thanks for the link.