Friday, January 18, 2008


Have you ever loved so much that your body experienced physical reactions?

I felt love so deeply, I could feel it in my fingers.

I loved so deeply, that it felt as if my soul might be pulled from my body.

Love stimulation - it can be addictive, like a drug that one keeps getting high on.

I experience emotions so profoundly that they overwhelm me. I sit, inactive and lost in thought, and just let the sensations sweep over my body. Something pulls at me. I feel as though I might have a conscious out-of-body experience. I feel sensuality, too. There is an invisible soul-magnet, and it comes to tug on me.

Being human, I attribute the feelings to human things, but could it be something less mundane? Could it be that I am lusting after Oneness?

O dearest and most beloved,
Let me delight in you.
Or, if you like, delight in me.
Having forgotten ourself,
Let us blend once more.
For we are not two but One.


jim said...

Yes I have...wonderful and far outside of the human physical experience, but can be enjoyed while human, it is truly Spiritual Love, Soul and lusting for it is fine, it is not lust, it is, as you say, the desire for union with God, your God, your Spirit/Soul, and, it is he Holy Spirit without religious garb, pure, wonderful and absolutely free. But you have to share it, enjoy it often as you can, but share it every chance you get. And, let yourself feel your love, for this is you, relax in the arms of your own love and Spirit and keep the pleasure private, between you and Love, enjoy that love that only you can give yourself, be filled.

This post is sharing that love, and the poem is that fine expression. It is addictive, but nothing to fear, for by sharing it, it will stay with you always.

It is normal to attribute such to human things and wonder if it is 'okay' or if it is bad....

But it is the love that a child has and wants to have and give to a parent, in a proper relationship, it is love pure and unqualified, unquantified, it is beyond this world, it is what children have but lose, sadly enough, and then have to suffer to recover. Be a child, love yourself thru others that you can trust and give to, love even those who won't let you give to them, privately love them anyway, like a child, full of forgiveness and mercy, let things go and replace it with this love.

You, Sophia, stimulated me, inspired me to go on about this that your post is about, I couldn't help it, lol, I love it.

Take care, forgive for being too wordy.

Christi said...

I am lucky enough to experience this with my husband, he completes me in ways I never knew were missing.

There are times when he is sitting near me, that the electricity is so strong you can feel it moving between our bodies, lightening jumping between two rods, frenzied and wanting.

~ Christi

Siegfried said...

Something really magical happened to me just awhile ago at the supermarket.
I still haven't recovered from my earlier infatuation with a young girl, only to find myself suddenly falling in love with another - I don't know how old she is.
I had been glancing at her several times, afraid she had completely forgotten me or that she no longer recognized me because of my haircut. She wouldn't look at me even once. So I decided to stare her down. To my surprise she did the same thing. We stared into each others eyes for what seems like forever. I've fallen in love instantly. I just can't believe it. It never happened to me before. It feels like she's inside of me now.

Alexander M Zoltai said...


Soar on, my Dear Friend!!

~ Alex

Sophia said...

Hi Jim,

This is amazing: " even those who won't let you give to them, privately love them anyway, like a child, full of forgiveness and mercy, let things go and replace it with this love."

I know that's a lesson that I can learn. Loving people who don't love in return is one of the hardest things we can do. To give, we think that we must receive. And when we don't receive, we withhold.

Thank you.

Sophia said...


It is so wonderful that you and your husband are this close. A lot of married couples lose this spark after a while.

Sophia said...

Hi Siegfried,

Just how young are these young girls, anyway? I just had to ask! I don't have a lot of room to talk, though. When I was 16, immediately after getting my first car, I had boyfriends in their 50s.

Does this girl/woman work at the supermarket, or was she only a stranger in passing? I've fallen in love with strangers before, knowing I'd never see them again.

Sophia said...

Thank you, Alex! *hugs*

Siegfried said...

I think I know what you are getting at. And perhaps you are right. They can be very flirty, as I had found out soon enough.
I've been "seeing" this girl, who's probably underaged and working partime at the supermarket like most of the girls I'm paying attention to for some time. And we have a slight crush.
But this girl is different! ;>) She's the prettiest girl in the neighborhood.
And I'm supposed to ignore her. Or them.

Siegfried said...

I also learned a lot since my first encounter. I stopped being obvious. Almost looking disinterested. And playing hard to get.
And you know what? I have become very attractive.
At my present age I seem to have become physically most attractive. Most people say I look thirtyish, which is probably true. And with my new hairstyle, they said I looked even ten years younger. Which means I am now looking twentyish.
Honestly, I don't know what to do. With all the attention.

Siegfried said...

And maybe something else is showing thru.
My supernatural confidence, perhaps. Well, sometimes. I can be very erratic, most of the time.
At least, I have some starting advantage. Physically.
But I simply don't know what to do. About the age difference.

Siegfried said...

I guess I have to learn to spread myself as thinly as possible.
And start looking for older women. Above thirty, who are looking for just friends or companions. Again, it's a tough choice.
I saw this above-six-foot girl somewhere and she's pretty and very sexy too. But she's probably taken.
I simply don't have time to do my homework.
I have the idea that most girls, single, married or divorced, are looking for romance and relationship, out of need or boredom. But this lifestyle is not for me.
I prefer to fall in love seriously and deeply. With the right one.

Siegfried said...

Or I might have to serve as a Father figure to all these young women.
I have become that already for the first girl I fell in love with. She's flattered, of course. But it's tough.
I guess I have the misfortune of not having a daughter.

Anonymous said...

Well Done!

I can not think of a greater accomplishment.

Perhaps your acknowledgment(to yourself) of your craving for love had something to do with it.

I am inspired. There is magic in the world again.

Sophia said...

Thanks, Moss.

I am pleased to have helped you see some magic again. There is magic everywhere. A breath is magic, but we do it so often we take it for granted. I know I do.