Sunday, January 20, 2008

My Furry Family, Please Bear With Me

I know cute little pictures of other people's pets may drive you bananas, but I couldn't help myself today. I wanted to put each one of them on display. I don't do this too often because I know my readers don't come here for this. I've kept the photos small so that they don't take-up too much of your time or space. These are my "children". We all like to show-off our children, don't we? Yes, it's true; I have six of them.


goatman said...

It takes no bearing with you to see what makes you happy.
Looks like Peabody could use a walk; but way too cold. Just returned from walking my two . . . way too cold!

Sophia said...

Goatman, thank you. I am relieved that it didn't annoy you to go on a small photo adventure, here. I know it can be painful to be shown photo albums, but I thought the photographs so charming that I had to display just a few.

Peabody gets excited every time he sees the leash. But he hasn't seen it in a while since the weather hasn't been amicable. I could use a good doggy walk, too!

Christi said...

*scritches, snuggles, pets and love to all your critters*

And to you too!
~ Christi

Sophia said...

Thanks, Christi! I know the "P-Gang" appreciates that. I do, too. :)

(Each of them has a name that begins with the letter P.)

jim said...

Lol, Sophia, what a fine looking brood of children, fine looking creatures, no doubt they are all very unique and relate to one another with great interests. It must be quite a busy circus with you and hubby as the ring masters, lol, I can see you now, lol.

A long time ago, I lived in a basement with no doors or closed windows, all open to the outdoors, no screens either. Once I counted 16 cats that seemed to live there, plus the occassional opposum that ate the trash at night, big as a dog, the cats had lots of respect for that oppossum, lol.

I used to sell veterinary drugs and medical supplies, I keep them all drugged and well, they were quite a bunch of personalities.

I love to see you pictures, camping, cats, you name it, show it to me, always love to see.

Enjoy them Sophia, and keep us posted, even with pics please.

Alexander M Zoltai said...

My furry friends are a royal blessing. Their concern for me and desire to snuggle with me are powerful therapy as I battle a killer virus...

Here's a groovy pet site:

~ Alex

Sophia said...

Jim, they keep us busy, that's for sure. And maybe that is the appeal of having so many pets.

Were the cats that were living with you all ferrel?

The way we relate to animals is very similar to the way we relate to humans. We can walk in a crowd of people, seeing strange faces, not knowing any of them, but we can certainly point out a familiar face when we come across one. Animals are the same. To you or anyone else, these photos of mine just look like unfamiliar animals. To me, they each have their own personality and are very familiar to me. I could spend all day describing their personalities to you, and how they each differ from the other, what they like and don't like, how they love or show affection. There's so many things to say about them.

The orange and grey cat have been with me since 1998. The calico came in 1999. The old dog came in 2000. The black and white kitty arrived just a month ago and the beagle came in June of last year. Four of them were strays or dumped off by people that didn't love them, the other two were from the humane society.

I didn't know you used to sell veterinary drugs. There's still a whole world to you that I don't know about, isn't there. :)

Sophia said...


Pets really have a sixth sense of sorts, because they seem to know when we're not feeling well. Some of my cats seem to pick-up on my emotions, and if I'm crying they'll come up and give me a kiss on the nose or something.

There's nothing more comforting than having a snuggle session with a furry friend. Hugs and kisses are nice, too.

I am glad that you have that little pack o' cats around to help you through your treatments.

I enjoyed the website, thank you. The art especially was unique.