Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Flattery Gets You Everywhere Very Quickly

After work we went shopping at the grocery store. The 50-ish woman behind the counter at the deli was handing me the potato salad we asked for. In handing it to me she said, "Thank you, kiddo." I know I'm getting old when it feels good to hear that.


jim said...

My, what a beautiful youngin' you are my dear!

Keep writing kiddo, you are getting it done, I have been reading your posts and keeping up with you, you are wonderful Sophia, know it!

Sophia said...

Jim, keep that up and I'll give you anything you want! ;)

Sometimes I get carded when I buy drinks. I wonder if they card me so they can get a bigger tip.

Last summer, I bought a pack of cigarettes and the woman behind the counter asked me for my I.D. When I showed it to her she said, "My, you're doing pretty good." She was probably shocked to see that my license showed I was 29 years old. But despite this I've seen a few greys peep in.

I'm sorry I haven't reciprocated the enthusiasm and support you've showed me recently. I have thought about you, though. I've been wondering how your foot is doing.

jim said...

My foot is healing well I think, walking better, still a few problems, over the worst I hope, thanks Sophia, for asking.

Young Lady, take care of yourself, see you later!