Sunday, October 10, 2010

Would the I Ching Know?

I am slave to my gender and human psychology!!

I am starting to realize just how driven I am by both of these things.

What does one do? Just accept it and go with the flow? Or fight as hard as I can against it?


mag said...

A clarification:
Although some behavior might be determined by gender and "human psychology" this does not mean that nothing else determines your behaviour. Situations, long term goals, experiences, etc. also play a role.

Do you perceive that some freedom of yours is being threatened by being determined by gender and human psychology?

If not by your human psychology, how do you propose that you should be driven? And how do you judge what is a good way for you to be driven? (what is good?)

Sophia said...

The freedom to be rational and sensible is threatened by my gender and human psychology.

I would rather be driven by something more spiritual, something on a higher plane.

I judge based on the goodness and reasonableness or lack thereof of my actions. "Goodness" being a level of the sense of the quality of my actions.

Sophia said...

You know what it all amounts to?

Life is scary.

mag said...

How do you decide the rationality or the goodness of your actions?

Defining how good actions are by the sense of goodness or reasonableness they have is circular. In one sense it isn't circular if the sense of quality is derived by your judgement of them as good. However, this sense of "goodness" leaves us with the question of how you judge what is rational or good.

So, what is good for you?

mag said...

Also, the notion that one either accepts and goes along or one resists and fights is problematic. Surely there are situations where one goes along with with one's impulses, and there are situations where one regulates them?

Mossy said...

Ahhh, she is back.

Spirituality is a function of consciousness rather than of functions (eg goodness).

Seeing that you are in a machine indicates a certain level of consciousness. The remedy to being a machine is to change your level of consciousness (in this moment) rather than to focus on your mechanical behavior.

That being said, intentionally changing your behavior (on the scale of 30 seconds) can be used to bring about increased consciousness, but again behavior is of secondary importance to consciousness.

The trick is to not think about doing something but to do it in this moment. Feel your toes. Set up some other tricks for waking yourself up.

Sophia said...

I've calmed down since then.

I think I was generally just struggling with being human. To be human is to be puppet! (Simply because there are so many biological impulses, conscious or otherwise.)

Oh well. I am human.

Hope you guys had a great week, by the way. :)