Monday, October 25, 2010

Amy Grant - Baby, Baby (1991)


Moss said...

Are you in a, uh, famly way? :)

Mossy said...

What time did you post this anyway?

Mossy said...

Interesting co-incidence. I heard that song just before I saw your post.

Sophia said...

Are you asking if I'm pregnant? LOL No, I'm not!

I posted it at 4:15am.

That is an interesting coincidence. Especially because I was singing this song to myself about 20 minutes ago and my sister said, "Hey! I sing that song almost every day lately!"

Why this is an interesting "coincidence" is that this is an old song - from 1991!

I prefer to think of it as synchronicity!

Don said...

We're all so happy for you and your new found love, Sophia.