Saturday, October 9, 2010

What I Realized Tonight

I found my soul mate.

(Don't worry.... I'm still sane. LOL (if I was to begin with that is....))

What I mean is, I'm not going to go graffiti his name all over the walls or anything, but I truly, on a sane level, believe I have found my soul mate.

Now, don't ask me whether or not the idea of a soul mate in general is sane, because I don't know.


Sophia said...

It's OK. I totally know what obsessive love is. (I read about it on Wikipedia.)

I'm just going to enjoy what I feel without worry about whether or not I'm being obsessive. I'm going to enjoy being able to love someone as much as I do, and being loved in return by that same person.

I don't have to keep rationalizing what I'm feeling, or analyzing it. I'm just going to experience it and enjoy it. Not everything has to make sense, and it is actually the nonsensical things which are most fun!

Sophia said...

Another amazing thing to me is that.... I have actually found someone I want to love this much.

I don't fall in love easily, and I'm very picky. I may be agreeable with everyone I meet, but falling in love is an entirely different story.

The problem is that there simply aren't many people out there in this world that can get through to the inside of me. And only one has been able to plunge into the deepest recesses of me.... so deep that I was not even aware that such a depth was possible within my very self.


Sophia said...

OK... I just now realized the erotic symbolism in that last comment. It was not intentional, but it's quite obvious upon second reading. Either that or my mind is in the gutter. (And it only climbs into the gutter with the one it loves.)