Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Horizontal lines
Sleeping prone on a bed
Unawake, Unaware

Vertical lines
Climbing a ladder
Awake, Aware

Crossing lines
Life on planet earth
Sometimes asleep
Sometimes Awake

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Anonymous said...

Nice one Sophia,

I guess the more that we are awake the more three dimensional we are.

It does seem like life on earth is meant to be both waking and sleeping compared and contrasted.

human being said...

love this a lot... and thanks for puting it on my blog... i really love it to be there... connecting you and me... west and east...

now where are we from?

~ weast ~


crossing lines are so beautiful... and magical...

Sophia said...

Mossy - Oh we are more than three dimensions! :) I wish you had high-speed Internet so you could watch this awesome Dr. Quantum video short. I think the story Flatland is of the same subject. I have this audio book but haven't listened to it yet. It's free on Librivox website.

I consider earth to be the world "between worlds". It's the mixing of material and spiritual. (Well, in the long run there really is only spiritual.) BUT, symbolically speaking, earth for me is the world between worlds.

In some symbolism the vertical line is a spiritual line while the horizontal line is the material line. The crossing of those two lines is where we are.

Sophia said...

HB, I love that - Weast! "Weast" might be a new word which translates to "World". :) We are the World. We are Weast. :)

I like being a Weastian with you. :)

mania said...

If life is in lines, I'll prefer it to be more like crossing one.

Sophia said...

Human Being, the other day I also saw something else in your new Weastian World.

It is -


Because WE are a part of this new world.

Sophia said...

Mania, we are the children of this crossing. :)

Anonymous said...

Hello Sophia,

How many dimensions are you? :)

As you know from math, all dimensions in a system must be orthogonal to (ie not dependent on) each other.

Sophia said...

Hi Moss,

Well, it depends on how many dimensions are extant. I think I last heard there were 10 or 11 dimensions.

A human body appears to be three-dimensional. I believe a soul would have more dimensions and The Spirit would include all the dimensions. Since all is in The ALL and The All is in all, we are all beings of 10+ dimensions.

Libertine said...

What an intriguing blog, I look forward to reading the rest of it.

Sophia said...

Hi Libertine, thank you. If you intend to read the rest of it, I hope you have plenty of time on your hands. :)

Anonymous said...

The number of dimensions that can describe us seems unlimited.

x,y,z,angle 1, angle 2, posture, heat/light, age, psychological disposition, health, wealth, education, social status, being, and on and on.

Sophia said...

Touché, Mossy. :)