Saturday, October 10, 2009

The True Green Prophecy

The words in the title came to me earlier today right upon waking from sleep. It's not often that this happens and the few times I've had similar flashes they have led me to interesting epiphanies. One time I saw a seven digit number and curiosity compelled me to type it into Google. It turned out it was the phone number of someone who lived a number of blocks down the street from me, someone I have never met or seen. Some other times these visions have led me to meet some interesting people, like Yellow Horse Man and IRUNURI. So, I am left wondering today what is behind the term "The True Green Prophecy". The words were very loud in my mind the moment I awoke and stayed there for a few moments as if they were supposed to get my attention.


V said...

The Celestine Prrophecy? By James Redfield. I remember seeing copies of the book in bookstores. Never bought it, never read it. It has a green cover. Usually. There seems to be a movie with the same title.

Anonymous said...

The garden of love is green without limit
and yields many fruits other than sorrow or joy.
Love is beyond either condition:
without spring, without autumn, it is always fresh.


V said...

The true green prophecy is comes from the god of love which is ever green and abundant.

The garden of Eden is everywhere.

V said...

The old prophets, priest, and apostles are long dead. The evangelists of prosperity have lost thier influence.

Now we have only the true prophets of green revolution. We must save our planet. Greenpeace. ;)

strangerland said...

Well green is one of my favorite colors. Is there a corresponding True Blue Prophecy? Or a True Orange and Pink Prophecy?