Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My Birth Chart

The first thing I noticed about my birth chart were the three triangles. They reminded me of three pyramids. My friend Mem Key mentioned tonight that he noticed the triangles, too. What oh what does it mean? I don't know anything about astrology.


Boris said...

When you know about life, you don't need to know about astrology... Think right, speak right and act right and you will write your own horoscope....

All the best,

Sophia said...

Hi Boris,

I really didn't want to blame the planets for anything as I'm fully responsible for everything I say, think or do, but it would be nice to see how there is a physical relationship between me and the Universe. Of course there is more than just a physical relationship but my arcane mind loves subjects like these.

Oh, I almost forgot to say: I really don't have an interest in those boring superficial horoscope readings they have in newspapers and magazines. They're so fake. I just wanted to know more about my relationship with the stars and planets.

Micaela said...

I had a copy of "Be Your Own Astrologer" by Paul Wade that was very comprehensive. If I remember right, the angle that the planets seem to take to each other on the chart sort of determine their chemistry (not only the "element" of one planet's compatibility with the star sign it's in.) Those are called 'aspects'.

Soft aspects like trines (the triangles in blue) usually indicate harmony, while hard aspects like squares and oppositions (the red triangle) usually indicate tension or friction.

Sophia said...

Hi Micaela, thanks for the explanation. I've learned some new astrology words and definitions through your post.

So it looks like the aspect of moon being in Virgo, the sun in Gemini and Neptune in Sagittarius at my birth has caused some friction. I want to see what this means.

mania said...

Same here. I like astrology but know nothing about it. yes, the triangle in red is prominent of all but isn't that good, you have 2 blue triangles! :)

Kim Graae said...

Hi Sophia,
Interesting chart you have there.
The trines are your inherent strength, skills, or abilities which are so natural for you that you don't even think about them.

The horoscope is good to give one an overview over ones own characterics, seen from the outside. Things which can bewilder one self becomes clear, and you can begin to do something about it, especially use energy in a positive way, where it previous have been a hindrance. I think the following configuration are the key area in your horoscope:
Moon square Sun, Moon square Neptune, and Sun opposition Neptune: a so called T-square configuration.
I think you should try to find out what it means, it will make life much more understandable and maybe even simpler.
Saturn conjunct MC and Mars, square Ascendant, sextile Sun and Mercury are also interesting.
The trines and sextiles ameliorates the above configurations.

These two groups are somewhat complicated to interpret, so a real man made horsoscope are best, but you can also try yourself, eventually searching the net. Stephen Arroyo have made the book Astrology, Karma & Transformation which looks at the outher planets influence, are quite good.

By the way, red is stressful aspects, blue are beneficial aspects, and they are easiest to see in the triangle down left.


Bob said...

Someone did my chart once and informed me that I was an extrovert.
How wrong can anyone be!

I agree with Boris.

Sophia said...

P.S. Micaela, tonight I found a preview of that book through Google Books. It looks highly interesting to me. I'm adding it to my list of books to think about buying in the future.

Sophia said...

Mania, I've taken an interest in astrology once I saw there is more to it than the magazine horoscopes. It seems to me to be far more profound than telling you whether or not you're going to have a hot date in your future. :)

Sophia said...

Thanks, Kim. I haven't seen you in a while because our forum is kinda quiet right now.

Yes, these are the kinds of things I'd like to learn from astrology. I want to use it in a purely "Know Thyself" way.

I'm only almost two months into my Rosicrucian membership but I have a feeling that in a later degree they will teach me more about astrology.

I will use Google to look into the areas you pointed out to me. Thanks for giving me some hints.

Sophia said...

Hi Bob, I guess it's like dream interpretation - no one can do it like you can do it. That's why I want to learn more about Astrology instead of just paying someone to read my chart for me. I want to get my hands into it. I want to know why, how, where, what, etc.

Bob, I used to be an extrovert but later in life became an introvert. I am an INFP now but at one time I was an E something. So I don't know to what degree our traits are set in stone but I know we have the power to overrule whatever influence the planets have over us.

Kim Graae said...

The best way to learn astrology is to get a horoscope from somebody who know, you can then, with that as a starting point, extend it through your own research, and you get started, what you otherwise would not, and it's the only way to understand how deep a horoscope can reach.