Sunday, November 1, 2009

So Close...

I feel like I'm on the verge
Of having an identity crisis

That is cause for celebration

Ego is like a candy wrapper;
Remove it and reveal the sweetness.

Leggo, my ego!


Alexander M Zoltai said...

Just noticed your comment about being an INFP. I'm an INTJ and I say bravo to leggo your ego!!!

Don said...

What's wrong with having an ego? It's what makes us individuals.

V said...

How are we going to recognise you then?

Anonymous said...

Ten thousand wrappers,
each one labeled "I ...".

Bob said...

I suspect that I am more in love with my ego than I like to admit. My ego isn't going to let go of me easily. It will try every crafty trick to keep me in its thrall.

I think we need a teacher to light the way. Ego is like quicksand...we need a teacher to help free us.

Mem Key said...
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Mem Key said...

As long as you have an ego, you are a walking advertisement for Division.
If you are truly ONE with nature and all humankind, you have no seperate Self, or Ego and become instead the Ultimate Observor.

An Observor can see the whole picture and look away at will. Total freedom comes from first giving up all freedoms.

Don said...

7,000,000,000 egotistical individuals connected by communication links may just prove to be pretty powerful.

donstockbauer *at*

Mem Key said...

7,000,000,000 wrongs don't make a right. : )

It takes ONE Buddha or Moses, etc. to make this Truth easier to digest.
Gandhi had no ego and he is adored worldwide to this day.

Clark Gable had an ego and he was adored for a split-second. Egos are not remembered because they are seperate from our Self.

Those who are United with all of Humanity are remembered by all of humanity forever.

Sophia said...

I'm very sleepy tonight so my response is going to be short. But a friend posted this on his blog and I thought I'd share.

"Reality is simply the loss of ego. Destroy the
ego by seeking its identity. Because the ego is
no entity it will automatically vanish and reality
will shine forth by itself."

- Sri Ramana Maharshi

Mem Key said...

Sophia THANK YOU for posting this! I needed this very badly in my own work. That small paragraph puts my entire collection of books to shame.
I always remember also that Moses had hideous feet from wearing no shoes (when shoes were already 'in fashion') and would wear rags.
Yet a Million Egos would follow his every step hoping to hear Wisdom that was right there WRITTEN on him and the way he lived.

Don said...

Ego may be defined in several different ways. Not all the definitions are mystical. Ego can merely mean your own unique personality.

It's not so much that 7 billion people are all wrong, it's that 7 billion unique individuals all with their own personalities and egos telecommunicating with each other form transcendence.