Thursday, November 19, 2009

Happy Thursday

Thursday = Thor's Day

Jupiter is the 5th planet from the Sun.
Thursday is the 5th day of the week.


enreal said...

very cool... I seem to have stumbled on three of your sites... very impressive... had a great day... you do the same

Anonymous said...

The eye of Jupiter reminds me a bit of the Eye of Horus:

Sophia said...


Thank you. :) I appreciate the comment.

Sophia said...


So which eye is "the Eye of Jupiter"? Because I see two eyes. I see the one on the bottom left of the picture, which to me doesn't resemble much the Eye of Horus, and then there is an eye just slightly right of center which does look like the Eye of Horus.

Don said...


The spot to the bottom left in the pic is the Great Red Spot of Jupiter, a huge cyclonic area which has been present for hundreds of years. It by far is the largest and most persistent spot; it deserves the name "The Eye of Jupiter."

Anonymous said...

I guess it is kind of like looking at clouds on earth in that different people see different things.

I was looking at the spot on the bottom left.

I guess you wouldn't see the spots at all if you were on Jupiter. ( actually we would probably be squished to the size of a loaf of bread and sink into the interior.)

Sophia said...

Mossy, exactly. It is pareidolia, one of Don's favorite words. (Right Don?)

I see faces all the time, like in the fibers of a bath towel, or in nebulas, or in the texture of the paint on the ceiling.

When I was a kid I slept on the top bunk, so I would frequently stare at the ceiling and make-out shapes.

Don said...

Yes, one of my favorite words. It's a byproduct of our great ability to detect patterns. However, when someone sees Jesus' face in a tostada, then it's gone too far.

If you were to fall into Jupiter you'd go down so far and then start to float, when your density equaled the density of the atmosphere around you.

donstockbauer **at**

Grace said...
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Micaela said...

I find it interesting how in the Nordic mythology, Odin is the big Kahuna while Thor the thunder god is more a strong supporting character, while in Roman mythology the thunder god IS the head. Did the cultures just see thunder differently, or did the Romans suppress or fail to realize their equivalent of Odin in their collective consciousness, or what, do you think?

mania said...

Oh and all I thought, Thursday is a thunder day!