Thursday, November 12, 2009

Personality Tests

I really seem to be fascinated by personality tests, lately, and not just my own; I've asked friends to take them so I could see their results.

I've been taking more quizzes and posting the results here:

These are fun.  I invite you to take the quizzes and to share your results if you are feeling open.


Boris said...

Do you like pictures? They, like the tests show an external side of your entity. Those personality tests classify your uniqueness in an arbitrary way.
Yes. they might give you some feedback, but they will not reflect the richness of your unique way of perceiving life.
I am sure that I know you more through your posts that from a personality test.
By the way, this picture of yours looks great, more aligned with your attitude...
All the best.

V said...

Don't waste your time on Ego. You are Ego. Go!

Anonymous said...

Is fascination a good thing?

Sophia said...

V: I don't know how to contact you since you're so uber private. I wanted to tell you that your cameos are beautiful. You are quite the artist! I've always loved cameos and I have a little cameo necklace that my mother once gave me. I don't know if it's old or not but it's beautiful. When I wore it I felt really feminine. Normally I am a tomboy.

Sophia said...


Yes, I like pictures. How can pictures show an external side of me? Do you mean my own photographs?

I hope you don't mind, but I changed my profile picture back to the one I had earlier this year. I really like my blue hat since blue is a very spiritual color for me. And I altered the photo a little by placing a light spot on my forehead that signifies my third eye.

Sophia said...


I don't know, but I guess for every human there are hobbies that one gets involved in. I guess we could classify it as a hobby.

Since I've undertaken the job of learning more about myself, I've learned of a lot of hidden motives I have that I wasn't aware of until now.

There is another website that I visit every day that has really uncovered a lot of hidden truths about me. Of course I recommend that anyone seeking to find their real selves should visit the site:

Boris said...

Yes, when I was asking you if you liked pictures, I was meaning your own photographs. I don't mind the change: I like the new picture of yours with the blue hat and the third eye. :)
Photographs freeze a moment and allow us to guess the features of the Spirit that resides inside that body. Each picture of yours will give a new clue about YOU...

mania said...

Nice idea.
I once had to make a presentation on personality and personality disorders. Somehow, I didn't get a chance of presenting it but I do learn a lot about personality disorders from this experience.

I myself took many memory related tests on the internet a couple of years ago but didn't get a chance of saving them up. Now I hardly remembered about the results. I think its a good move by you to create another blog for this purpose.
But I want to know why you are concerned so much about ego?

Last, I recommend you to also take this colour test.