Saturday, February 27, 2010

Talking to my Self

Last night I had a disturbing dream. While I don't remember most of it, I can specifically recall a scene that involved me flying as a passenger in a large airplane. I was looking out the window. There were other planes flying around and behind us, but they were being shot at by missiles of some kind and were blowing up in the air and falling apart to crash down below.

I became lucid in this dream to the extent that I was able to say to myself, "What will happen to me if I dream that the airplane I'm riding in is destroyed?" I continued to watch out the window hoping and wishing that the airplane would be safe. As far as I know, our plane was never shot down.

I don't know the meaning of this dream, but I do know that a night or two before I dreamed of being in another plane, taking off from the ground.

What I am going to do now for the first time on this blog is a process called "Active Imagination". It's an ages old method of divining information, although it has more recently been refined by Carl Jung. I am going to ask questions related to this dream and then will "listen" within for the answers from my "Higher Self".

Q. Why am I dreaming of air planes?
A. "You are taking off."

Q. What am I taking off from?
A. "The physical plane."

Q. Why were airplanes getting shot down around me?
A. "Those planes are behaviors that you can't take with you."

Those are all the questions I will ask for now. I thanked the entity that responded.

On another note, earlier tonight I did a visualization that entailed going into the temple of Malkuth. I was directed to see two pillars. I was at the entrance to the temple and noticed how the pillars reminded me of the entrance to wisdom. What struck me as interesting right away is that the floor I was walking on was a black and white checkered floor. I knew that this symbolized the marriage of spirit to matter.

Before going into the visualization the book asked me some questions, such as how discernment and inertia function in my life. I know that I have the choice to feel the way I do, to react the way I do. As far as inertia is concerned, I'm a lazy person and I also procrastinate a lot, although I am more regularly reading my spiritual material as well as doing the exercises and meditations. I am also not as lazy about keeping notebooks.

For anyone interested in reading more information about Active Imagination, here are some links to articles which might be helpful:


spider said...

interesting blog, this is. i often have nightmares and sleep paralysis and i question myself about these things

Mem Key said...

That's an amazing dream interpretaion. I'm glad that "dream translation" books are falling out of favor because they usually stick with overly-obvious answers like "Dreaming of a serpent or snake means there is a deceiver in your midst", which all Esoteric students know is false because Serpents/Snakes and Dragons denote Wisdom.

Your dream translation showed many qualities of coming from your Higher Self, mainly because it did not seek to gratify any fears but instead explained the situation from a much Higher Perspective.

Excellent, thanks for sharing!

Sophia said...

Spider, If you are drawn to things like "cannibalism", for instance, I'm not surprised you're having nightmares.


Sophia said...

Hi Mem,

I have a few dream dictionaries but I've never used them. I don't even know that I should look in them.

I'm not sure if dream symbolism is the same for everyone, like from the collective unconscious, or if everyone's dream symbolism is unique.

I have a lot of practice to do to have better dialog between me and my Higher Self. I'm trying to learn to open up to it.

spider said...
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spider said...

oh that. updated! sorry i'm making a mess on your blog :(

Sophia said...


You are not making a mess on my blog. :)

Cold As Heaven said...

Talking to yourself; yea, that can be quite nice. I do that from time to time myslef. Then at least, I'm in good company >:)

Sophia said...

Cold, I couldn't have said it better. We always have at least one true best friend. :)