Monday, February 22, 2010

Eating Fruits of an Inner Tree

I keep four different notebooks so I don't write on this blog as much. I want to keep posting to this blog but I have a bad case of writer's block and can't think of anything to say. I am spending more of my time focusing within. Due to being sworn to secrecy I cannot expose the contents of three of the four notebooks, however, I will share my notes and collected thoughts that come from a book I am reading at the moment. It's a book I started a while ago but never continued due to being distracted by other things. Now that I am finished with some of the Rosicrucian classes I have time to read this book until the next class starts. The book is named "The Kabbalah Experience", by Naomi Ozaniec.

What I am going to share with you now are the results from a visualization I did called "The Inner Tree". Everything following this paragraph is what is written - verbatim - in my journal. If you are on a similar journey, I hope that this inspires you to keep a notebook of your own.

It's amazing how lost I can get in a visualization. I forget about my outer self.

I was standing outside a walled garden. I opened the entrance gate by turning the handle. When I entered I saw flowers neatly planted all around. To the left was a pond and to the right was a small Eternal Flame burning. So, all four elements were there.

I walked toward the center where a very large tree stood. The path circles around the tree, so I walked around the tree while running my right hand along the low hanging branches. A perfume was released into the air. It had a sweet scent tinged with spice. There were orange fruits that were round like oranges.

I ate the fruit and in the center was a hard seed, like the seed one would find in a peach. It seemed that this seed was the Philosopher's Stone, so I kept it.

The wall around the garden has four doors, like the four directions on a compass. I left through the north door. Maybe I was headed for Kether.

I think the walled garden represents my inner self. Of course the tree is the Tree of Life.

On the same page I drew the Tree of Life diagram with the paths and 10 Sephiroth. (I didn't draw Daath because it's hidden!) I outlined the three triangles, the three pillars, the lightning flash and the four worlds.

Hopefully I will be able to come-up with things to share on this blog so that it doesn't sit stagnant. A lot of visitors stop by every day according to my stat counter. I want there to be something to read.


Helena said...

Hi, just found this blog. If you're after the Holy Grail have you read Holy Blood, Holy Grail? I recommend that. I'm actually thinking of joining the Co-Freemasons to get more esoteric knowledge. I'm also a spiritualist and seeking the truth behind all this New Age kaleidoscope. I also can't tell everything in my blog, but my idea is to give people hints, get them interested. But most people are just interested in everyday things and entertainment so I set out to find more kindred spirits.

Sophia said...

I have not read that book.

I should point out that I am not after a tangible item called the Holy Grail. The Holy Grail that I am looking for can only be found within. In that way, it is symbolic of gnosis, enlightenment or whatever you would like to call it. The same can be said of the Philosopher's Stone. It is not a tangible stone, it is completion of spiritual alchemy.

I used to be very interested in the Freemasons, but then I discovered the Rosicrucians which is more of what I have been unknowingly looking for for many years.

There are several Orders which offer esoteric knowledge that may interest you. Of course the Rosicrucians, in particular the Order I belong to which is known as AMORC, and there is also the BOTA (Builders of the Atydum), the Golden Dawn, etc. The Golden Dawn is more magical, while the AMORC is more mystical. I am not entirely sure how to classify the BOTA as I do not know much about them.

It's a lonely world for a mystic - you are right that most people are not interested, so it's always nice to run in to someone who is.

Anonymous said...

It is nice to hear from you and to know a little bit about what you are doing. At the same time it probably is better that you do not write as much as you used to. Do you think that the journal is helpful?

Sophia said...

At the moment it seems to help me keep track of my progress. It also brings structure to my studies. I needed structure but also the willpower to impose it on myself. Writing in the notebooks is something I have to consciously decide to do, but it helps me remain aware of myself.

Anonymous said...

If you do not mind a suggestion...

You could describe the garden without writing "I". "I" may be the lower self converting the higher self's experience into it's experience.

The reason for secrecy is probably to prevent this.

Sophia said...

I do not mind a suggestion.

I just don't know how I could describe walking through a garden and eating fruit without using the word "I". Perhaps I should use "i"?

Anonymous said...


Near the center of the garden stood a very large tree around which the path circled. Perfume was released into the air as my right hand brushed along the low hanging branches, a sweet scent tinged with spice.

In general I have noticed that adding more restraints to my writing forces me to be more creative. Perhaps this is because it evokes more intelligent parts of the mind or perhaps it just forces me to be more awake.