Sunday, December 21, 2008


Have you ever smiled so big your cheeks felt like they were just going to pop?


Anonymous said...

It is incredible how vastly different our states can be from one moment to the next. You make me smile too.

Don said...

My cheeks often puff out, but that's because they're full of food. Or I'm holding my breath to get my way.

Anonymous said...

Kind of like a donkey?

Don said...

In what way?

Sophia said...

Hi Mossy,

You know that I'm "bipolar", right? It's really just another label given to me by people who care but who don't know that there could be something else going on. It is amazing to me that most psychiatrists/psychologists are not versed in spiritual matters, although there are some. I think they're known as transpersonal psychologists.

In fact, some people would say that Kundalini is really some kind of psychosis. Interestingly enough, most of my friends have been diagnosed with mental "problems", yet they are the most spiritual people I know. So really, I think that spiritual symptoms are sometimes mistaken for psychiatric problems.

Sophia said...

Don, I think Anonymous might have been talking about Donkey from the Shrek movies!

Anonymous said...

From what I have heard the spiritual journey is often frought with agony and exstacey.

The one comes from having the realization of the higher and the other from the relative hell of being without that. The work is to endure the agony and keep trying to get back to the exstacey, ie God. :)

Sophia said...

Hi Moss,

I like that word play: "Exstacey". :)

Yes, God seems to want to make me work for His Love. It's the Cosmic version of playing hard-to-get.

Anonymous said...

It seems more likely that we are playing hard-to-get with God.

Don said...


Seems humans just have to pigeonhole everyone. I've been diagnosed as "bipolar", even though I never show the down side, and rarely the up side. However, lithium does seem to do me good so I take it.

One lady I was dating was gone for good when I mentioned it. After that I was very careful dating. I decided the best strategy is to not mention it at fist, only after a relationship has stared to form, before I'd get too much of "Why didn't you tell me sooner". The lady who has become my wife (by the way, in a large part due to advice you gave me)did not mind the news, and in fact doles out the medicine to me now.

I am convinced that people who are a bit (or even a bunch) flaky may be able to bypass the roadblocks of logic and indoctrination and have very creative insights into the way the Universe works. I even came up with a law:

1. Fantastic insight into Reality may very well mimic insanity.

Since people always seem to have 3 laws, 2 more had to be created.

2. Arthur C. Clarke was a pessimist.

3. Civilization advances not slowly but as a atom bomb does. Luckily, cybernetic self-organization keeps it under control.