Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Permanent Impermanence

I am starting to notice the mortality of my computer, which is rather difficult since I am very attached to my computer. I wouldn't make a good Buddhist, although I am Buddhist, among other things. My mouse is dying, the one with the all-seeing optical eye. The wheel has almost stopped working - the Dharmachakra of my mouse - so now my mouse has almost reached nirvana, but not quite, as it is going to be reborn through mouse-styled samsara.


Mossy said...

I guess that us humans are lucky because we do not become obsolete before we wear out.

Sophia said...


Tell me about it...

The good news is, tomorrow my husband is buying me a cordless optical mouse. I've never had one of those before! My suffering mouse is optical, but the cord is always getting stuck on things.

Maybe by the time it becomes obsolete, we'll have headgear to wear that will move our pointers around by thoughts alone.