Thursday, December 4, 2008


I received my Smithsonian magazine in the mail today. On the cover is a Sufi man twirling with the headline, "The Sufi Question".

At the bottom of the cover is a short list of other things found in the magazine, one of which says, "Saving Hagia Sophia".

I have a wonderful new friend that I KNOW from way back.... we just met yet we are almost completely familiar with one another. This has been a striking experience for me and the two of us are just happily walking along the path together, teaching each other, learning from each other, supporting each other, and of course playing Scrabble together. :) This is a special gift given to me by the Love of my Life!

I would like to show an example of his beautiful wisdom which was given to me in response to a mistake I made yesterday.

Sophia: "Today I really goofed. I've been doing so well with being patient with people but today a cashier at the grocery store really irked me and I could feel anger boiling up inside of me. Back in the day I would have really let her have it but today I just gave her a look and told her she needs to work on her kindness. I was so angry inside though. And now I feel guilty for saying anything to her at all because it's kind of like Life has put this test in front of me to make sure I'm really making progress, and I messed up. I wish I had been more humble."

Special K: "When Life tests you, you grow because of the experience. Worry if Life doesn't test you because then you're not growing. If I feel anger rising I sacrifice myself to Love because if there is no I to be angry it disappears and what's left is Love."

Thank you, my friend!

I also wish to thank my fellow rays of Sun - you who visit this blog and/or leave your words for me in the comments which give me guidance and friendship. Thank you my teachers, my guides, my friends, my travel companions.

Our world is beautiful.


Laurel said...

I've been to the Hagia Sophia. It was a wonderful, moving experience. I have a great picture, if I can find it.

Sophia said...

Hi Laurel,

If you find the picture, I would love to see it!