Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Temporarily Incommunicado

Unwittingly I've mostly been away from blogging, comments and emails as I've found myself lost in the mundane world. Besides sleeping a lot I've been reading and succumbing to fascinating movies and television shows via my ability to watch movies and shows online with our Netflix subscription.

Yesterday evening I ventured out of the house and went to my mother's and my favorite restaurant, which is about a 45 minute drive from my house. Then we went shopping at Walgreens to get all of our free stuff from the Rebate Club. If you guys don't know about the Rebate Club, you're missing out on all kinds of free stuff like toothpaste, shampoo and many other necessary standard household items. It's a wonderful way to save money. Saving money is something I've been obsessing on the past few months. I've clipped and used so many coupons! My husband couldn't be bothered with such things, so maybe it's a woman thing. All I know is money is something not to be wasted.

(Go into Walgreens every month, grab their monthly rebate catalog and get your free stuff! You get all your money back plus 10% if you have the money applied to your Walgreens gift card.)

Do I sound like a saleman? I'm just excited about getting things for free and saving money. Maybe you'll benefit from my mentioning it.

This evening my husband and I are taking our two dogs to the pet wash. They are currently... well... slightly odiferous.

I'll respond to comments tonight!


jim said...

You enjoy yourself Sophia, I'll be here whenever.

I don't know about Kathy and where she went or why, if you hear, let me know too.

Sweet dreams!

Cookiemouse said...

I love enjoying movies too at the moment. Hope you are well.

Anonymous said...

Sophia, there's nothing wrong with saving money. When Bob Hope was selling papers in Cleveland, Ohio,
J.P. Morgan would be driven by for his paper, which cost three cents.
He would hand Bob a nickle and demand his change! this was one of the wealthiest.

Sophia said...


Thanks. I seem to enjoy myself better during the evenings. Or at least sometimes I seem to have more energy then. My circadian rhythm must be a bit off!

I had a spring dream today. The flowers smelled wonderful.

I hope you're doing well. I know I need to email you.

Sophia said...


Movies are the perfect getaway. Well, at least for escapists like myself. :)

Some good ones I've seen recently: Michael Clayton, Saw IV, American Gangster. A nice foreign film: "The King of Masks".

Thank you. I hope you're doing well, too.

jim said...

Keep dreaming Sophia, good for you, Spring or not, anytime.

No rush on the email, always good to hear from you but, no rush at all.

Love to you and yours Sophia.