Monday, April 7, 2008

Dream Date April 7, 2008

I was looking out the window in the storm door. In the sky I saw a white blimp slowly making its way across the sky, with big pillowy white clouds. I went outside so I could see it better. Then, I was next to a tree. I was there to smell the flowers that were growing on it. The flowers were almost like roses, and they were white and yellow. They smelled sweet. The lady from across the street called out to me, "Oh! I'm so glad you're outside!" She walked over to me and placed four containers of her homemade cookies in my arms.

(The house, tree and lady are unfamiliar to me.)


BBC said...

30 hey? I worry that you will make it to 60 the way things are going.

I worry because you are a part of my/our omnipresence.

You appear (I don't have time to learn a lot about you) to love cats, I have four.

Two of them love me, two of them are just here to freeload. That's okay, they stay out of my way outside and it doesn't cost much to feed them.

Take care, enjoy your life's journeys, may you travel some happy, interesting and rewarding paths. Hugs.

d. chedwick bryant said...

The blimp led you outside, that seems positive, flowers smelled good, you got cookies, what's not to like about this dream?

Sophia said...


It's nice seeing your handsome face in your avatar here on my comments. ;)

I adore cats. I have four of them, too. I already predict that when I'm an old lady living alone, I'll have lots of them. (And since mine are all indoors, that means a lot of kitty litter to clean!)

Hehee... I love the way you put that: "freeload". The cat I adopted in December in a freeloader. She's inquisitive and plays with my beagle Peabody, rubs up all over him, but doesn't want much to do with me. The other three are big-time lovers.

It was nice bumping in to you. I followed your trail from Vincent's blog.

Sophia said...

Hi D.,

I thought it was a very timely dream. I had it on a nice spring day. The dream was kind of a wake-up call, saying, "Hey you, didn't you notice it was spring outside?"