Sunday, March 1, 2009

"We Fall Silent in Unison"

I saw a boy
He was wearing a
a blue sailor's cap
He was afraid
I held him
I told him he was loved
The next moment
His appearance changed
He was like black smoke
quickly rising up towards
a light at the end
of an orange tunnel

There was a dog
He was looking for a name
So I named him "Misnomer"

A hand
was waiting
to be held

A blue light
It was peace

A man showed me his watch
He raised it closer
to my eyes
so I could better
The face, a character
from a deck of cards
without his or her
Maybe it was a jack
but I am not certain
there weren't many features
a triangle, the three corners
an ace on top
bottom left a queen
bottom right a king

1 comment:

Sophia said...

Free verse - no limits, no bounds.
Now that may be why I never spent time trying to confine myself in iambic pentameter or rhythm or rhyme. In my attempts to do so, the results always seemed forced, unnatural.