Sunday, March 15, 2009

In Sync

Magic is a sister
sharing with a brother
Knowing that each word
from the other's mouth
is a synchronicity


V said...

Knowledge is power. Magic. And magic is illusion.

In the beginning was the word, thought, and thought created the center, me.

Nina said...

Absolutley perfectly magically described. Thank you for that!

Nina said...

BTW this is for V. Illusion is Reality of Soul. As long as we have illusions/dreams/wishes it means our souls are burning for the truth of their own reality Wishes/Illusions/Dreams are all but the REALITY OF OUR SOULS. Once we become ONE WITH OUR SOULS our illusions become reality.

Sophia said...

Hi V, (V = Roman numeral for 5.),

While we're dancing in the illusion, while not allow ourselves to pay attention to the reminders?

Sophia said...

Thanks, Nina!

V said...

Attachment to illusions is sorrow. Suffering.

Zareba said...

Glad to find you here. I have been gone for a while and was not sure I would find you.


Diane Meier said...

Perfectly described!
I've been enjoying your blog. Keep up the wonderful postings.

goatman said...

and poetry is an echo asking the shadow to dance (Carl Sandburg). Beautiful words, yours.
Recently reading that synchronicity is a sign of a life in alignment and harmonized, I thought of you. The author Leslie Gray also notes that "synchronicities allow us to feel congruent", a word I haven't seen since geometry class but nicely used.

I still keep a lookout for them.