Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Nothing Delights Me More than His Skill with Gold

A small crystal ball
Released from the hands
Of a woman
Does not fall to break;
It glides through the air
As if in slow motion.

Arises from the ground,
A tall green beanstalk

A face
And mane
Of a lion

In the green grass
Wearing an ancient
White Grecian tunic
With a golden belt,
A man with blonde hair
Lies on his side
Playing a lyre.


Victor said...

The sorrow of achieving. The more you get it the more you want it the more you need it.

Sophia said...

Hi Victor/ia,

I think what you are describing is an attachment to achievement. If one does not become attached to it, there can not be suffering.

Victor said...

How not to be attached. Or addicted.
What is attachment? Detachment?

Sophia said...

I think working so hard at analyzing attachment is actually an attachment in itself. The mind wants to keep busy.

Sophia said...

About achievements, try not to expect them.

Expectations are similar to thoughts or attachments.

Experience the thought or achievement, fine... but that is not who you are.

Living in expectation keeps you from living in the moment.

P.S. We teach others what it is we need to learn! :-)

Victor said...

By being totally aware. Without analyzing. Perhaps?
By experiencing the joy and sorrow of living. Of achieving or not achieving. Of winning or losing. Of being related or isolated.
By understanding it. Not escaping. Or running away from it.
By feeling the pain and the sorrow. Without doing anything about it. Escaping is the greatest sorrow. Wanting to be free of sorrow we live in sorrow.
More or less.

Sophia said...

If you can be totally aware all the time, go for it! Me - well, I've been working at it a little bit at a time.

Joy/sorrow, winning/losing, etc. I've been looking into the Law of Polarity in the Kybalion. Have you seen it?



Sophia said...

I'm going to bed. Goodnight!

Victor said...

Attention is not a continuity. It is not concentration. Or contemplation. It is just being aware. Nothing else.
A roller-coaster? Just ride it. ;)

Victor said...

It's all a bad dream! Or a fantasy!

NinRose said...

He who has no expectations will not be disappointed.

I've seen even in the forums that some people over-analyze everything. I think they are attached to analyzing. I get bored listening to it. :)

The mind wants to keep busy, but if the mind would quiet down the spirit would learn more.

Sophia said...

Hi Nin,

The itch to analyze is hard to avoid scratching. It seems we'd like to write a proof for everything we see or experience...

If this,
Then that!