Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Until the Very End

Last night you left me and slept
your own deep sleep. Tonight you turn
and turn. I say,
"You and I will be together
till the universe dissolves."
You mumble back things you thought of
when you were drunk.


And that... is the way it is.


jim said...

As you said in one of your comments on your previous poem post, need drives us, regardless of our states now and then, some things are remembered as they are some part of our need to be fully ourselves, keep listening regardless of whatever state you find yourself in, keep hearing and listening and gathering and in time, you will digest, just don't rush to digest, don't be in a hurry to know in full, realize it takes a lifetime, give it all your time, it will, you will come to know what you need to know and have what you need to have, wait, even tho waiting is very tedious and hard to do, wait and keep listening and talking, even to yourself.

Reject anything that is outside rightful parameters. consider all else but don't grab onto anything, stay loose.

Love and Peace to you Sophia my friend, always. Jim.

Sophia said...

I'm listening... carefully.... and watching and waiting. If my perception has changed this much over the course of a couple years of seeking, just how much will it change over my lifetime? I eagerly await the results.

I send my love to you, too, and a great big soul hug. I hope you can feel it!