Monday, June 4, 2007

I'm Back!

I'm back home from vacation, now. I have quite a bit of catching-up to do with not just blogging but also chores around the house that got put off until my return. I have emails to catch-up with, comments to respond to, just basically everything that includes letting the world know that I'm still alive. There's nothing worse than sending an email and not getting a response. Hey everyone? I have not forgotten you!! Thanks for not forgetting me. I seem to be going through a low-energy crisis at the moment. I'm getting used to this and will just ride it out until my energy returns. In the mental health industry they'd say I was "bi-polar", having swings of highs and lows. If I'm bi-polar, then this is a low I'm going through, but thankfully not as low as what I have been through before. I think right now I'm over-medicated and will tell my doctor that I'm recommending that I have a dosage alteration. When I was experiencing all those wonderful synchronicities and feeling spiritually high, they said I must be "bi-polar" and going through a "high" which "isn't normal", so of course they increased the medicine and now I feel low and tired and unmotivated. I'd rather be UP high.

It seems there is a great divide between what is considered spiritual and what is considered mental. In the spiritual world, a depression can be considered a "Dark Night of the Soul", while the mental health industry wants to just blame it on brain chemicals that are all awry. Elevated moods and hyperawareness in the spiritual world could be called "Kundalini" while the mental field wants to call it "manic". So what is it? Spiritually related or chemical related? Does the spirit cause the mix-up of chemicals? Who knows.

As usual I've gotten off-track. Anyway, I'm going to catch-up to emails and comments soon. I'm still alive, still breathing, just tired and hoping for another wave of elevated mood.


Chris said...
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jim said...

always great to have you back Sophia, keep talking and writing.

Love and Peace to you M'Lady.

Ask Lucid said...

Hi Sophia! Welcome back! -Just a thought- Do you know what your Vitamin B levels are. Sometimes meds can effect the way we convert our food into energy and you may also need a dietary supplement to help bring up your energy.

As far as the Spiritual or Mental highs and lows…. There can be a fine line between knowing which one you are experiencing. I would suggest to take an inventory of the other aspects that are going on around you and where they are following suite. It is not easy to differentiate the two at times. I have people who are very dear to me that have been diagnosed with Bi-Polar. A lot of which are very spiritual, or even psychic. I personally feel that when we experience the certain highs or lows spiritually it can influence our body’s chemicals almost in the same way that our mental health does.

Nice to see you back!

Christi said...

Welcome home!
I hope you had a wonderful trip.

~ Christi

Leighton Cooke said...

Sometimes I think I'm bipolar too. Churchill was, and Tom Waits, so we are in good company. Just focus on your awareness. Your energy wil return.

Sophia said...

Thanks, Chris! I enjoyed the vacation but I always start to get homesick towards the end.

Sophia said...

Thanks, Jim. You're a real delight. I've been wondering what you've been up to lately. I'll have to stop by one of your blogs and see if I can get you figured out!

Sophia said...

Hi Lucid,

I don't know what my vitamin B levels are but I have been feeling like they're low. A month ago this feeling prompted me to buy a sublingual solution of B vitamin complex with especially a lot of vitamin B 12. Sadly I don't remember to take it every day. I have noticed that when I take the vitamin and eat an orange I get a sort of energetic boost. I really believe that these vitamins are powerful. It's also been said (somewhere) that B vitamins are supposed to help people remember their dreams.

It just dawned on me the other day that I must have a sinus infection. I've had two this year already, and some research on the Internet says that sinus infections are notorious for causing fatigue. I have slept so much this past week!

Thanks for your input and it's always nice to see you around.

Sophia said...

Hi Christi,

Great to hear from you. I'm sorry I haven't written much lately. To be honest I haven't been on the Internet much since I've been home. One thing is for sure! We're going to have to get together now that my vacation is out of the way. On June 14th I'm having Lasik surgery on my eyes and I'll be without glasses!! Maybe we can do a game night like you had suggested or go out to eat somewhere!

Sophia said...

Hi Leighton,

I'm really glad that there are famous people who have opened up about their mental illnesses. It seems to help remove some of the stigma that is associated with them, and the public might be less afraid. :) I was especially glad to see Mike Wallace talk about depression. This isn't only good for public image, but it also might make some sufferers more likely to be open about speaking with a doctor so that they can get help. I know there are probably millions who suffer and don't have anyone to turn to. A friend of mine ended his life a few years ago and he never gave me or anyone else any hint that something was wrong!

Desiree said...

I think there is a fine line between a spiritual high and dare I say insanity. We all could easily step over the edge. Life is always about balance. How far do you allow yourself to go? Are you able to control it? I know I am and have the sense of when its time to draw the shutters so to speak. I feel that sense of foreboding that tells me you can't go any further. Perhaps because our minds are not equipped to go that far! For some reason bigger than ourselves we can't know it all.

Christi said...

Congratulations on your Lasik! I'm sending many good thoughts that it's a pain-free procedure and you're nothing but thrilled with the results.

We're definitely up for games or dinner, just let me know what your schedule looks like and we'll see what we can make happen :o}

The only restriction we have is bi-weekly Saturday nights we play D&D, but other than that we're pretty much free whenever.

~ Christi

Sophia said...

Hi Desiree, I sometimes get that sense of foreboding, too, but it's usually fear of going into depression. I have no fear of going up, and I wish it would happen more often. I've only had one up that I know of, and that was in February of this year when I was hyperaware of everything around me. I can honestly say I greatly enjoyed that state of being. It was like being high. I was able to control myself so that I didn't seem bonkers to onlookers. By all outwards appearances I'm sure I seemed normal, because if I hadn't I'm sure my husband would have said something like, "Sophia, you're acting a bit weird." LOL But yes, emotional highs sure are nice. They're like euphoria.

Sophia said...

Thanks for sending the good vibes, Christi! I can definitely use them, because I'm a bit anxious about having people touch and work on my eyes, but everyone says it's over before you know it, so I have confidence that everything will be OK. I'm going to try to meditate while they're doing their thing, if I can focus hard enough. Of course I won't tell the doctors that I'm meditating or they might think I'm a bit odd!

I will send you an email about going out or having a game night. In fact, I will do that right after I post this comment!

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid spirituality is nothing but the realization of the oneness of mind and body.
How do I survive chronic-fatigue- syndrome? To continue functioning in society.
By being aware of my energy level from time to time. This means slowing down when I feel my energy is low. And not to panic. This is very important. And more importantly not to become intimidated or excited by those around me. How? By not judging and condemning myself and letting others to do the same.
I don't mean to say one should conform to society. And I also don't mean to say not to conform. Rather, you should let intelligence decide for you.
Or one can pretend to conform and think just the opposite. Bluffing is a good strategy if you don't want to lose. Perhaps?