Monday, November 14, 2005

I Found It!

OK, I know you guys remember me talking about Mystery Man #2. Well, strangely this guy is VERY similar to Mystery Man #1 only they have different names and different writing patterns, so they're clearly not the same guy, but they must both believe in the same thing. Mystery Man #2 taught me a little bit more than Mystery Man #1 because he was more revealing than #1. Anyway, I found a webpage which explains what the Mystery Man #2 was talking about! It makes sense to me, but it mentions that "all children up to the age of 28 will be educated [in this New Age]", and I'm almost 28 and haven't learned any of the techniques on building the bridge. I wonder if I'll be too old after my birthday in June? I almost feel in a hurry to find someone who knows more about this so they can explain it to me without running and hiding in a rabbit hole.

Here's the webpage:


Paul said...

Stacey, Hello! Just stopping by to catch up and say hi.

Sophia said...

There you are! It's good to hear from you. Thanks for stopping by. It's always nice to see your face in my comments. :)

Bob said...

The timeless will always be there for you....even when you are 128.

Red Bark said...


I read some of the Anahkarana site, but it is quite long.

What do you think about this system?

Do you have any thoughts about the information presented or the people you met?

George Breed said...

Where are the Mystery Women and what do they say?

Thom said...

Bewarary of anyone who says "You must act now." Echoing Rob's comment, time and space do not matter to the Source.

Red Bark said...

Can anyone tell me why my editor sometimes gives me a tool bar and sometimes does not. Currently I can not add photos.

Red Bark said...

Thanks everyone, George answered by question.

Inspired said...

If you are ready to accept enlightement and really find out that it's you and only you who are the best teacher to yourself then pay a little of attention to this website, it should give an idea (just don't take it as an advertisement, I really mean what I am saying). It's the time of mass enlightement and it cannot be owned by just a group of people: if we seek, the answer is there.

Red Bark said...

I wonder if they will start to have enlightenment commercials on television soon.

Or soap commercials on blogs.

Red Bark said...

Stacey is starting to become a mystery girl.

Stacey. Where are you?

George Breed said...

Beard, you are so fun. You know, they say (whoever they are) that excessive light is like darkness, so maybe excessive dark is like lightness, so maybe we are going about this the wrong way; we should be seeking endarkenment instead.
Stacey, you want to change your blog name to Endarken Me?

Sophia said...


It would be interesting to see what life would be like at 128. I don't even know if I want to go there! Unless I can retain my physical shape without shrinking and wrinkling.

Sophia said...

Hi George,

Mystery Women? The women I've talked to haven't found it necessary to be mysterious. They're straight-up with me. Maybe these guys like being mysterious... like one of those OO-LA-LA factors or something. *laugh*

Sophia said...

Well, I hope you guys are right about timelessness. After all, for all I know I could die in a horrible accident tomorrow. And what if I hadn't reached enlightenment at that point?

Sophia said...


With a blog name like "Endarken Me", I'm sure I'd get lots of interesting comments. :D

Sophia said...

Hi Beard,

I'm here. I went to bed early last night (6:30pm)! It's because the night before one of my dogs kept me up the ENTIRE night due to bad storms. I didn't get a wink of sleep. But now I'm all caught-up. :)

Sophia said...

Hi Beard,

The man that wrote to me said that the Light-Man came to earth 34,000 years ago. That would put it at the Cromagnon stage of evolution. As someone who believes in the theory of evolution, I can see how it would be possible that man would start to evolve spiritually at that time. The man I was talking to said that the vocal chords of man were developed enough at that period to start to pass on the message.

The underlying principal of the Antahkarana is the building of a bridge which will reconnect our physical self to our soul-self. Bodily evolution is a given according to the theory of evolution. This "rainbow bridge" is an evolution in spirit. As the body evolves throughout time, so does the spirit.

Sophia said...


Another thing...

Aren't we all building rainbow bridges in our own way?

Red Bark said...


I am glad you are back with us.

I had not thought about a bridge before. I am not sure what it means. Can the body/mind ever know the spirit when they are of such differernt qualities.

I thought that the body/mind would have to serve the soul in a master servent relationship without ever really knowing the Soul. I guess this is a bridge of sorts.

Anyway it is all just theory for us.

Sophia said...

Hi Beard,

From the way the article reads, it seems the point is that the body/mind someday evolves into knowing the spirit. That is the purpose of building the bridge.

I think it would be nice to know what the techniques were to build the bridge, but the guy I was writing too stopped answering my emails. (And I don't think I was annoying or anything. I was just like I am now. Don't know why he didn't return my last two. Maybe he didn't like me. Oh well, I've come to learn that no matter how much I'd like to have it otherwise, not everyone is going to like me.)

Anonymous said...


Why is it that you chose to believe he stopped writing you because he 'doesn't like you'? It is interesting that out of the infinite reasons he may have stopped writing you that you chose that one as the most likely.

Stop fretting about the time frame for your enlightenment. Just because that web writing says 28 years old doesn't make it

And it only said that people will be educated in 'bridge building' by the time they are 28 so since you read that article already you are educated in it. It didn't say they would have done it or even perfected it by that age - if the age of 28 is that important to you. (based on what the article said).

It is obvious that you are actively seeking... this is quite further along than the majority of people.


~j~ said...

I am quite familiar with this concept from reading the works of Alice Bailey. She, no doubt, got the idea from the Theosophists. Mr. Creme is simply saying the same things again.

My first concern is that Benjamin Creme is a charlatan, although that does not mean that he is incapable of plagiarizing good ideas...

My second concern is much more valid. That is the notion that people must follow certain techniques to get in touch with their own divinity.

The very idea that one must "build a bridge" is erroneous. That connection must already exist for us to be even be alive - and still more, to ponder, wonder, laugh, cry and express our unique gifts.

Enlightenment is not something that occurs as a result of practicing certain techniques - although many people and organizations are willing to take your money and/or dominate your mind for the opportunity to teach those unnecessary techniques to you.

It is very clear to me, based on brief perusal of your blog, that you are enlightened already!

I mean this most sincerely.

What are the implications of this?

You need not seek to do anything beyond the calling of your heart to express and embrace your divinity.

(I recognize that practicing such techniques as "bridge-building" may be the calling of your heart, and support that calling. At the same time the calling may lead you to practice martial arts, or tap-dance - in any event, you are divine!)

The underlying myth of ALL enlightenment techniques is that somehow you are not good enough now.

After that comes the myth that any technique can be universally applied. Some who attempt to build their bridge may be increasing their separateness and defeating the whole purpose!

We are each unique.
We are all divine.
There is only one Truth yet there is an infinite number of ways of expressing it.

Sincerity and common courtesy will build and maintain all the bridges you may ever need - whether they lead from you to your neighbor, or from you to the Ultimate Source of Creation and Everything Good.