Friday, November 18, 2005

Dreams from November 18, 2005

Dream 1:

I am a maid in a mansion (in England?) sometime during the 1800s. I am in a room when a ghost appears. It is flying overhead. This ghost has appeared before. I've finally had enough and am so scared out of my wits that I run out of the mansion, leaving my position for good. I have nowhere to go. I'm out on the streets. A man in a coat wraps his arms around me and tells me, "I'll take care of you."

Dream 2:

I hear a *pop* noise and see that a tiny little egg has just popped open. A tiny squirrel, not more than two inches high, emerges from the egg. I try to catch it by using a container. I get it cornered and finally it is in the container. I know that it won't survive on its own and I mean to take care of it. I try to feed it an apple. I bite a little piece out of the apple with the intentions of giving the piece to the squirrel. I accidently drop it on its head. It passes out. I worry that it is dead. Soon it wakes back up. I get a handful of leaves and place it in the container for the squirrel to have some bedding. Soon I realize that along with the leaves, a tiny turtle was put in the container unknowingly by me. I think to myself that I'll also take care of the turtle. I also think that the tiny squirrel and turtle will make great foster siblings. They will like growing-up together.

Dream 3:

I'm out in the ocean swimming. The waves are pushing me all over the place. I can hardly keep myself above water. I'm trying hard to get on a small boat that is also being tossed around madly by the waves. The water is so clear that I can see schools of fish and coral reef down below.

At this time I am only able to offer a possible interpretation of the third dream. A little over a month ago I went snorkeling in the ocean while in Mexico. I had snorkelled too far out. The waves were strong and it took all my energy to swim through them. I decided I had swam too far out and that it was time to snorkel back to the beach. I had so far to go. I started losing all my energy. I had to stop and float quite a few times. Eventually I thought I would drown. I started to panic and cry just a little bit. Luckily I made it back.


Natalie said...

Squirrels tend to represent a need to prepare for the future, to stay deicated to our goals and that through perseverence success will come. The Turtle represents the opening to new opportunities, usually within the month. It is an awakening of both physical and spiritual senses, to act on intuitive ideas and perceptions, a good time for making changes. Creating Spirit on Earth.
Hope this helps.

Bob said...

Dream One

Sounds like something from a novel by one of the Bronte sisters!

Pollux said...

Good weekend? Here I am, your ghostbuster.
Ghosts represents old habit patterns, buried hopes, and longings. They may come to haunt you.
Since this particular ghost is flying overhead, your attitudes are being brought into question.
Are you really the kind of person you think you are?
If it was the "slayer", you made the wrong move by running away and putting your trust in another person, a spiritual authority, teacher, or friend to deal with your fears, and difficulties. It's time you took resposibility for yourself and the past. This is your fight. Fight the good fight.
Or don't fight at all. Just bury the ghost.

Pollux said...

Young animals in dreams represent your childlike side, and difficulty dealing with it, becoming mature, and facing reality. You may have to approach the experiencing of enlightenment in a simplistic and natural way.
Alternatively, you may be worrying about being slow in understanding the whole thing, so you adopt a
new and quicker method towards
being enlightened.
I suggest not to worry about it at all. Pretend you are already enlightened. Don't worry about what other people say; making mistakes is part of being enlightened. Try the "via negativa"
approach. No religion, no esotericism, no erotism, no superstition, no psychedelics, etc.
Just forget about it. Try reverse psychology. Don't become enlightened. Just learn how to deal with your worries and fears.
When you are free from fear, then heaven is in you. It doesn't mean suppressing fear. It means staying with fear until it doesn't bother you anymore.

Pollux said...

Swimming in clear water is a good indication. It can mean being cleansed of all your impurities, wrong ideas and attitudes, bad habits, and foolish desires. However, you may have to swim for your life as it is quite wet and wild out there. It's not at all wrong to grab for help especially if you have good friends around to help you. Only they could be in the same boat.
We were also thinking about a phenomenon that we are experiencing nowadays as a result of bloghopping. While it has help us to be aware of a lot of things, the internet and all the virtual spirituality out there is probably robbing us of the chance to swim for our lives on our own in the ocean of life.
Also it can be as mind-snatching as television. While it us kept us from watching all these ego-boosting programs and films, all these ideas fom well-meaning people is making us lose confidence in our own insights. And less capable of expressing our own opinions out of fear of being censored or laughed at.