Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Floatation Tanks?

Has anyone been in a floatation tank? (Otherwise known as Samadhi Tanks, Sensory Deprivation Tanks, Float Tanks, etc.)

Supposedly, the machine helps take away all forms of senses - sight, smell, sound, touch - enough to leave nothing but the mind to do as it will. I've read of some people having strong lucid dreams using one of these tanks. Also, they can be used for deep meditation.

I'm interested in using one, but there are no spas in my area that has one for me to rent some time in. The only other option is buying one, and that is a crazy idea at this point until I've heard that it's a must-have.

Does anyone have anything to say about these tanks?


Castor said...

Yes I heard about this floatation tank a long time ago. I even thought about building one myself.
Some guy said he tried one of this sensory deprivation tanks and he seemed to have been enlightened instantly.
When I was in college I read some books written by an Englishman who calls himself Lobsang Rampa. I remember reading in one of the books, probably called "The Third Eye" about people spending most of their time in these dark and small enclosures in order spend their lives dreaming. For these
people apparently their dreams are as real as ordinary waking life, except that in their dream life they could always fly and go places anytime they wanted to. Something like astral projection?

Castor said...

Again these things remind me of the time I spent during my "cult"
period in some secluded building
praying and falling in trances.
It seems as if the world turned into something more spiritual with "other beings" in it. I didn't really see them, but I seem to be talking to them. In one of my dreamy state, I remember darkly seeing a man in red robes talking to me and giving me instructions. Now I know these was all just some hallucination I had at the time. But it haunted me a lot even after I left the group. Luckily it's all gone now
and also the anxiety that came with the experience.

Sophia said...

Hi Castor,

Yes! Astral projection. I've tried so many times and yet I've only had fleeting success. Only a few seconds worth of flying through the attic and into the trees, and then my excitement grew so much it caused the experience to end.

I'd like to reach that state again. I love dreams so much. To actually induce them through the use of a tank would be my dream come true, pardon the pun. It seems I've read so much praise about them on the internet that I can only hope the same would be true for me. The only thing is, I live in the Louisville, Kentucky area, and you would think since it's the 16th largest city in the US it would have a spa with a tank. But alas, it does not. To buy one would be a joke on my income. Again, there is my longing for material pleasures. Sometimes it is a paradox... to want spiritual things. How can material things be spiritual?

Claytonian said...

I want to try too!

Sophia said...

Hi Clayton,

Maybe you can do a Google search for floatation tanks in Japan and see if there is one in the area where you're teaching right now. If you try it out, let me know!

jbmoore said...

There was a craze about sensory deprivation tanks back in the early 80's when the movie Altered States came out. A reporter did a piece about being in a sensory deprivation tank. Basically, you can only feel your own body. You can't see anything. You gradually begin to hear your heartbeat and hear your joints creak. Most likely the mind is doing anything it can to stimulate itself. Eventually, people begin to hallucinate. In the right state of mind, such as meditation, it might be useful. As far as astral projection and such, such experiences aren't spiritually liberating. However, the sensory deprivation might force the mind to suffer more and might hasten the breakdown of the egoic mind. I've pondered that myself - using such a tank as a meditation aid to go inward.

Floatation Tank said...

I've floated 100s of times since 1999. I tried it out of curiosity but discovered after about 40 minutes that I was in a dreamlike state but remained awake.

After the 1 hour float session I felt MUCH lighter, like I was walking on the moon. This sensation lasted for at least an hour after I left. Also, colors were much more vivid and the sunlight was softer.

Two years later, I tried floating again - this time in a desperate attempt to avoid back surgery. I have a pinched nerve in my back that occasionally caused me paralysis over a period of 6 years. I tried spending many hours in a heated pool, chiropractic and massage therapy but they gave little or no relief. The float tank eliminated my pain long term. I still have a pinched nerve, but I don't suffer sciatic pain as long as I catch it in time by floating.

I've done a great deal of research about floating that you can read at floatforhealth.net