Saturday, April 13, 2013

Feline's View from a Window

My cat fascinates me.

I opened a window for her today.  She gets excited when I call her name to come to the window; she will come barreling through the apartment to jump into it.

What fascinated me today were all the small details I noticed about her when I spent about 10 minutes just staring at her and watching her behavior.  She sniffs at the fresh air and I wonder what she smells.  Something tells me she is taking in the scents of all the homeless cats that live outside, but maybe she is noticing everything, the scents of the grass, blossoming trees, people walking around outside, the children.  Her whiskers flutter around.  She is staring toward the sky; her head whips from left to right as a bird flies by.  Her ears twitch at sounds and apparently even at sounds that I cannot detect.  She stares at the ice-cream truck as it passes.  The sun on her fur makes me want to plant my face down into it to feel its warmth, to smell the sweet aroma.  It is comforting to do that.  ...And then there is the reflection of the sun in her clear eyes.  She is my golden-eyed girl.

She loves her window.

I love her.

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