Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Law of Attraction and OCD

A humorous - or not so humorous - thought occurred to me yesterday.  I've been listening to the audio book _The Secret_ by Rhonda Byrne.  It's about the Law of Attraction.  I'm a firm believer that we can at least affect our own moods by our thoughts.  (...and at times our moods affect our thoughts.)  I've been trying to push myself out of the doldrums by thinking positive thoughts.

...but on to the humorous thought.  How does the Law of Attraction work for someone with OCD?  I'm sure our thoughts cause things to happen tenfold, since OCD is obsessive thinking.  I have OCD.  I tend to think negative thoughts, so if I can change my thoughts to positive thoughts, instead of ruminating on the gloomy past, I could be happy day and night, not just during my bipolar up phases.

"I am the Master of my thoughts."


goatman said...

I once had a Psychiatrist who got really upset when I tried to relate something that depressed me. " Let it flow" he would say "think it and forget about it".
And that's what I do . . .

WilyBCool said...

The Secret has some really good ideas and thoughts to it. They took out something very important to make it more marketable. They forgot the law of consequences. You cannot negate it by thought alone. With that in mind, someone with OCD has some advantages as they are always working to progress their outcome through action. Action is the binder that makes faith work in the recipe of our lives. ;D Or at least this is my perspective.

Sophia said...

Goatman, your therapist sounds a lot like mine. She doesn't let me focus too much on my problems in the sessions. She focuses more on getting me to change my responses to things than the actual things themselves.

Sophia said...


The other day Ray was in a car accident. It was a pretty bad one that nearly destroyed the car, and why he was nearly unscathed I will never understand other than attribute it to some higher power. (Someone or something much bigger than me must think he needs to be around to look after me. LOL)

The funny thing is, earlier that day, I was thinking, "I've been paying car insurance and never had a car accident. They've been getting a lot of money out of me for nothing." ...and then Ray had his accident. I started wondering if the Law of Attraction had something to do with it, and if I had somehow willed the accident to happen but then I've been trying to tell myself I can only influence things that affect myself. I cannot alter other people's lives. For me to believe otherwise would mean I am truly vain!

On a side note, what I like is the time lapse theory that says we have a little bit of time to alter our thoughts before things start happening! if I'm thinking bad thoughts I can have some time to alter them to good thoughts before bad things result.