Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Celestial Sanctum

The images above are based on a document from the Rosicrucians called "Liber 777". The document is available to members and non-members alike. I have found a page online where it can be read - HERE. The document asks the reader to visit the Celestial Sanctum using their own visualization of what the Sanctum might look like.

My imagery is inspired by the Ivory Tower from one of my favorite childhood movies called "The Never Ending Story". The Ivory Tower is how I imagine the Celestial Sanctum. Everyone has their own imagery even though the energy it accesses is the same to everyone.


Anonymous said...

Good post. And what a great movie!

Sophia said...

Yes it is. It is full of esoteric symbolism.

You may also like the music video at the following link. Again, it is from my favorite childhood cartoon series. There is a lot of hidden meaning in this video.

mania said...

I never knew about it. Thanks for the worthy knowledge.
Its difficult to say anything about it yet.My imagination isn't working.