Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The 1,000th Post

Were I to describe my self, I'd say I'm a philosopher and a lover, born to die before death. I dream and imagine; I sense and I feel. I am an alchemist, mage and mystic. I like weddings, especially between kings and queens and the sun and the moon. A long time ago I set out on a journey to find the Holy Grail, the Philosopher's Stone. In the process I have been undergoing a transformation. So far, that transformation has lead me here to a place in between worlds. And it is from here that I seek to travel to a place where I must die in order to gain entry to the new world, only it is not by physical death that I will be dying. Hope to see you there.


mania said...

I believe in transmigration, a journey of a soul from body to body. Never ending, from my inferior to superior existence.

I also believe, death isn't the end of our lives, its a beginning of a new journey of soul to body, of body to ashes,of ashes to soul, where I'll live forever till the end of this Universe itself.

Kathy said...

I love your description of yourself...

Mem Key said...

This is very healthy thinking. One aspect of Alchemy certainly is acknowledging what must be done and then setting forth the actions to bring the transmutation about.

One important thing is that we are never done being students. Meaning, this cycle of dying and rebirth is one of many in a larger cycle of Death and Rebirth.

You shed "selves" many times throughout your life, however the Self you shed through Alchemy is through reaching Higher for the Ultimate Goal, if you will. Even then, you are still in a human vessel and thus, have many more Transmutations still to go.

Being a Mage is one Ultimate, but being the Fool is beyond Ultimate. Aleph is the Omnipotent One, represented by the Fool.

Even then, who knows what goals we might see waiting at the top of Golden Mountains in our new Reality.

It has begun and it will continue....

*Mem Key*

Anonymous said...

Interesting that your 1,000th post happened on 9/9/9. :) at 1:09.

Sophia said...

Hi Mania,

In looking up transmigration, I came across an interesting image. I believe in reincarnation, but of what variety I am uncertain at this point. I mean, does it all end upon enlightenment? The image at the link below almost seems to imply that the cycle ends at enlightenment. What do you think about this image?

Sophia said...

Thanks, Kathy. Maybe it was a kind of celebration, because I've been trying to find myself for many years, since 2001 and maybe even before then, and finally it feels like I'm going home.

I feel very content spiritually. And the journey has only just begun. :)

Sophia said...

Hi Frater Mem Key,

I feel that what you say is true, about shedding multiple selves. I believe that's what personal change is. I have felt like a new me several times already. :)

What does it mean to shed the Self? Do you mean the self instead of the Self?

I suppose the Fool means new beginnings. And isn't that what we're undertaking when we shed a self?

Sophia said...

Anonymous, my perceptive friend, very glad you noticed that. I was happy for it to be 9/9/9 earlier. Three 9s add up to 27 which is 2+7 = 9. Very neat, but what is REALLY neat is that you noticed the 1,000th post on 9/9/9 at 1:09, since 1,000 boils down to 1, AND you did this at 1:54 which is also 1:9.

What do these numbers mean to you?

Anonymous said...

I was mostly intrigued by the fact that 1000 is so close to 999, but since you asked, to me the number 9 represents to lower parts of us, or the control of them.

Sophia said...

Anonymous, wow you are really aware! I never thought about the 9/9/9 corresponding to 999 and being so close to 1000. You can really put two and two together.

Can you explain further the relationship between 9 and the lower parts of us? I would like to see that, too, if you are open to explaining. Thank you.

Mem Key said...

Soror Sophia,
I thought in Light of the 9 synchronicity I would point out that any number times 9 is 'distilled' down to 9.

9x5=45 4+5= 9
9x8=72 7+2=9
9x101=909 9+9=18 1+8=9

The Cycle however, is rather odd. For Aeons, spirits have returned as souls on Earth even after reaching Enlightenment. I personally believe your sense of "appreciation" and "beauty" can diminish as Spirit and you must return to Earth to re-new your Appreciation for the Holy.
It is not the Beauty, or God, itself that diminishes, only our Appreciation of God's Eternal Beauty. It is the building up to the Holy Crescendo (enlightenment) that burns Appreciation brightly for centuries. But once this becomes a 'daily' habit, it will in time, be necessary to start anew, in our everlasting service to God.
However, the Great Work, I must note, is to purify the Original Sin of Adam.
I do not believe we will cycle forever through Cleansing through Water, then Cleansing through Fire. I believe the next great Cleansing, which is through Fire, will elevate us to a new plane of existence all-together. As stated in the Alchemical acronym INRI.
Ignis Natura Renovatur Integra - All of Nature is Purified Through Fire.

The reason that Fire is called for is the many, many graven images we make of ourselves and others. Water cannot 'dissolve' photographs and other soul trappings, (not quickly at least)but Fire can purify and release in the same Act.

The Egpytians had it right to make pictographs or depictions. Our images however, are graven images and are Exact. They will have to be dissolved through Fire to allow our Higher Selves to release our Lower Selves once and for all.

The Purification through Fire is not only because of Images, but the Fire is definately meant for our Age of plastic and man-made items that do not dissolve quickly from oxygen or water.

It is Perfect. Always Perfect.

*Mem Key*

Sophia said...

Frater Mem Key,

It's amazing that I dedicated most of my life in school to the study of mathematics, but it never occurred to me the rule about the distillation of 9. Thanks for educating me on that!

If Spirit is perfect, how can it ever grow bored and need to return to earth in order to be renewed? (Don't tell me I have to start over!! :)

Mem Key said...

Soror Sophia,

Cycles are so hard to translate with the eyeballs because the eyes only report a Circle. But there is a most important point, called the Rectificando, or 'coming to terms'. The Pivot Point, if you will. It is not all repeating nonsense.

Also, I have spent much of today studying Egyptian art and must share what I discovered.
It is very important to notice that they made amazing Temples, beyond our abilities even today, and could carve pillars in any shape they wanted, which is 3-dimensional.
BUT, they never, ever made Roman or Greek-like Images, graven and forbidden. I mean statues or paintings of course.

All of their art was purposely done FLAT, or 2-Dimensional as not to trap the soul in any sort of artificial way.
This also ensures GREAT Souls like Solomon and then later, Egyptian leaders would return sooner rather than later.

We are in a downward spiral because we ENGRAVE and Memorialize every Great Soul we have ever encountered. There will NEVER be another George Washington, for example, as long as George is still 'unresolved' and stuck here, part and parcel, in his Image.

We do many foolish things for very little value.

If you have the last picture of some old, old relatives then you are in fact, keeping them as 'birds' in your cage.

We think it is so important to hold these as memorabilia, yet hardly ever even spend time with 'pictures'. It is not worth it, set them Free.

*Mem Key*

Anonymous said...

Every thought is an image of "I am" (or God), and words are the engraving of thought. Hence words are graven images of (or substitutes for) God.

Mem Key said...

Anonymous - I like your thinking. I just encountered a lesson that said "Every new word is a new creation."
Which is why bad words are such a bad idea.

I also was studying some Alchemical texts in german that teach the 999 relation to 666 and then show how 999+1 = 1000.

The 666 is the beast, or lower self of man (humans). The 999 is the Higher Self, or the rising above.
The 999+1 is Perfection. As 10 is Perfection. But Phythagoras saw perfection everywhere, and I beleive in his thinking.

human being said...



Sophia said...

Frater Mem Key,

I am not so sure about what you say regarding the Egyptians and graven images. I think their sarcophagi alone are proof that they did make three-dimensional graven images.

mania said...

Forgive me, I almost forget about it. Its just because I never click on the follow up comments option.

About the image, its an Indian aspect of visualizing transmigration. Mainly based on the law of karma, our present deeds have an impact on our future lives. If we pay attention to improve our present life, or future will be better too.