Friday, July 3, 2009

Right Here. Right Now.

Holiday? Every day is holy.
Holy water? Every drop of rain, of every puddle, pond, lake, river or sea is holy.
Places of worship? Every place is holy.


Tao1776 said...

Well yeah...kinda-sorta. I know what you mean. As a taoist-minded sort of guy, I find that some places accumulate more energy than some others. Some days too. New moons, full moons, solstices...some times of the day too!

Don said...

That all fits in well with pantheism (or panentheism, if you will).

Mem Key said...

This could actually be applied to everything.
The Human is Divine but chooses to live in the shadow of the MassMediaMind.

The Day is Holy but lost in the pursuit of MassMedia products.

Every moment of life is Holy but this is overlooked in the pursuit of all that is unholy.

This is not what you were really saying Sophia. I sense you badly want to see Shin fire up the Spiritual Mind into action.

You are noticing the Divinity and Holiness of every moment, thought, word and action. To act on this Realization is to "Allow the Truth to set you Free."

The Truth is your Inner Voice. The Voice of Higher Self. Listen carefully, there are bad "guides" who attempt to divert your attention away from your Highest Ideal.
This Truth is the Truth that will set you Free.

This is Sophia's current position, if I may observe. The painful realization that moving any further ahead requires the last strings connecting you to Materialism to be cut.

The doubt that can arise with following your Heart takes the form of uncertainty. It scares you into accepting Materialism as your Ultimate Ideal.
But to walk out the door and begin Spiritual Transformations within and without is the Truth that will Set You Free.

Your words speak to me differently Sophia. I see this "moment" captured in your meditative thought.

We must find a way to ACT or suffer the pain of 'hoarding wealth'.

V said...

Right thinking!

Sophia said...


You are very right!

Like right now, with the waxing of the near-full moon.

Places can have very different degrees of higher or lower energy just as humans or other lifeforms.

But I'm probably preaching to the choir. :)

Sophia said...


You know it!

Sophia said...

Hi Mem Key,

What you've said in the beginning of your comment is a very good description of what I think evil is. It is ignorance.

The letter Shin will be our crowning achievement. Now I know why I liked the movie 300.

Sophia said...



We are steering our ship with the Wheel.