Sunday, April 26, 2009

A Resemblance

Is it just me or can you also see a resemblance between the image of the colliding galaxies and William Blake's painting?

The cluster of three galaxies is called Arp 194. The painting is by William Blake, called "Ancient of Days".


SevenWisdom said...

Wow Sophia, this is a super-cool correspondence.

More than the 'visual' resemblance, I like the Color of the Light passing down from above, which is BLUE.

In Masonry, Blue is the color of Law, which makes the Blue Lodge basically the Lodge of Law.

So, in the picture, it appears God is handing down the eternal Laws of Creation.
Blue Light.

I'm amazed that you saw this similarity in the pictures!! I see it, and it's possibly a "snapshot" of God's Creative process.

Sophia said...

Hi Jims!

Glad you can see it, too. I also am very happy to see the extra facet you've uncovered regarding the color of the light passing from above to below, and the symbolism of that color.

True Blue - blue is true!

Don said...


Humans are very good at pattern recognition. It's one of the reasons we've made it this far. I see the similarity too in the two images. PR is what allows us to recognize faces and other things in our everyday world. But it can also go too far, letting us see Jesus' face in a burnt tortilla, or dragons in clouds.

donstockbauer *attt*

goatman said...

I'm not seeing it mostly because of the realization that the galaxies are of three dimensions and the painting only two (I would love to see the third dimension of the painting). Its like asking me to believe that Button is not Pitt when Button is obviously Pitt!!

NinRose said...

I can definately see a resemblence :)

NinRose said...

There's also a resemblence between Van Goh's painting "starry night" and one of the galaxies, but I forget offhand which one.

Sophia said...

Don - I know what it is you speak of. It's one of my favorite words - Pareidolia.

Goatman - but the image of the galaxies is a 2D representation! Oh, and you do see the third dimension of the painting... all around you!

Nin - maybe there comes a time in the journey when we see a resemblance in all things. Well, we know it's there!

Don Stockbauer said...



Well, I now know a new word. Gdansk.