Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Long Time in the Making

When you think objectively about how much work went into creating your own capacity to have the experience you are having in this very moment – fourteen billion years of hard work - then it might even begin to strike you as immoral to spend too much time sitting around and worrying about the fears and desires of your personal ego. Surely the purpose of all that cosmic effort and creativity and positivity – from nothing to energy to light to matter to life to consciousness to you - could not possibly have been just for that. When you awaken to the evolutionary process and its endless creativity, and you discover how profound and complex the structure of our universe is, you start to recognize and appreciate, at a soul level, what a precious gift it is to be here.  (p. 37, Andrew Cohen, Evolutionary Enlightenment: a new path to spiritual awakening,ch. A Big Yes)

When looked at from that perspective it seems like more than just a grand fluke!  It gives life so much more meaning.  I should keep this in mind when I'm feeling down and wondering if there really is any meaning to life after all.  Since before the beginning of time I was an idea, a thought that became an action!  Now here I am, and to get me here the Universe had to line things up JUST SO.  I was a long time in the making, and SO WERE YOU.


WilyBCool said...

Very kewell thoughts! ;D

Guru Kurt said...

It is terrifically sad to see the created entities lack sufficient ecstasy or self-awareness to long for eternal continuance as personalities. They also lack awareness that they were made by a Creator, although the signs of this are all around them in daily life and sunk deep within the soul. They want to be free from the Creator, but don’t understand this cuts them off from the source of power and wisdom, nor do they feel the horrors of potential non-existence should the Creator withdraw His loving hand from their lives.

Andrew won’t tell you what happens at death, because he doesn’t know. He is not advanced enough to really believe in his own death, for he has not seen the soul and does not know he has an existence separable from the body. He upholds a carrot before the donkeys, but only as part of his domination-ploy, and thinking the purpose of life is domination too, he finds his followers. Where do you go at the end of the solar cycle, five billion years from now? What do you do in the meantime, where are your fresh bodies? Andrew doesn’t have answers to these questions, and is not even wise enough to ask.