Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year

If anyone wants to be my neighbor, the house across the street from me has been for sale for a long time.

Anonymous made a comment in my last post, wanting a better explanation of why I'm beginning the phase of ending this blog. I don't have a good explanation nor can I give a reason as I'm not certain of the reason myself. I just know that I have been posting less frequently on this blog and there are times where I'm only writing once or twice a month. I don't feel as verbal as I used to and my need for communication with others has started to come to a halt.

I now have less to say and more to hear. I'm involved in three Rosicrucian classes as well as a discussion group and this is keeping me busy now. Since joining the Rosicrucians I feel like I've finally found my home. This is where it's all been leading up to these past five years. I feel less frantic. I feel more relaxed. I've been guided to where I am and I continue to be guided.

This blog was kept during the years of my frantic spiritual searching and now that I've found my home I have less to say. So.... that's my explanation. It's probably not a very good one, but it's all I have.


jon be me said...

Perhaps you can end this blog, if you still want to, with a good explanation of exactly what you found with the Rosicrucian's... if you havent already done that.

Hope you still keep up on your other blog, The Universe is the University, as I enjoy that one too.

Thinkin of me, I wish you would keep one blog going, even if it entails posting only once a month. That way, you can still share with us what you learn...we can all learn from you.

IF NOT, then may you have a good life and find peace and happiness within you. Thanks for all you have shared with us. I apppreciate it and have leaned from you...


Peace, Love and Happiness


V said...

I read some very disturbing things lately. About the Spirit World.

Bonne année et bonne santé!

Boris said...

Only do what your heart suggests you. Always trust your intuition. Some years ago I joined the AMORC and it allowed me to learn a lot and see the world in a different way. Of course, we will be learning every day and everywhere and this is the nicest thing of this existence!
Maybe you might leave this blog open and post anything when your heart wants to share anything...
Nobody has decided how often you should post, it is always up to you.
Have a great day every day!

Bob said...


I hope you keep in touch with us...even if it's only once in a while!

Lots of love from your fellow traveller Rob.

strangerland said...

The wise old owl sat on the oak.
The more she saw the less she spoke.
The less she spoke the more she heard.
The wise old bird.

Kathy said...

(((Hugs))) and Happy New Year! time for change...i understand how you feel. I will miss you too...hoping to see you from time to time. take care,

Mem Key said...

Wow Sophia, sounds like we're on the same page here. If you notice my various sites have had little activity as well.
The world is littered with systems, we all must choose ONE (or suffer from mass-media confusion) and the Rosicrucian or Golden Dawn systems are the top two in my opinion.
The Rosicrucian Order obviously pre-dates everyone, but the Golden Dawn has great value when it comes time to actually invoke the lower parts of your self in order to "tag" them, name them and then begin to reign them in and eventually control every aspect of your Self.
All of this work requires more Nature and less electronics, so blogs shutting down is a good side-effect.

Honestly though, I am serious when I say that the Book of Nature and the Book of (Wo)Man can give you your answer in 5 minutes or less. It sounds like "fanciful talk" but when you SEE, you will remember that:

All Secret Societies, all governments, sciences and religions got their ideas from the Book of Nature and the Book of Man.
It is lying there for anyone to pick up, and all you have to do is Perceive it.

But it IS already here. It is not waiting at the end of our degrees, you can find it TODAY before returning to your Monographs.

The Rosicrucians will help you KEEP it once you find it, but they will not give it to you. In fact, the act of "finding" it is part of the treasure.

Blessed Life - Blessed Light

Mem Key

Mem Key said...

The mystery of life and nobody bites? Strange.

All 'seances', all prayers, all religions, even governments, monks, "talking in tongues" are after ONE thing.
All invocations, all systems, all Orders....all after ONE thing.

People make elaborate ceremonies and babble in foreign tongues to find this ONE thing. It is not the "words", nor is it the "ceremony". In fact, any Mason will tell you, the more unusual the "words", the more effective they are.

IT IS.......A State of Mind.

Governments refer to it as "the pursuit of happiness" (nobody sells their government to their own people as "the pursuit of misery").
Monks have called it Nirvana or Bliss. Science refers to it as Implosion (the ability to radiate charge to infinite sustainability).

Kaballists call it Kether. Religion is mostly just plain confused. Religion refers to this as "salvation", yet their various systems do not actually teach you how to obtain Bliss....religion only teaches you to praise those who have found the bliss, as though it is not there for any of YOU to find.

Indian tribes from the Mayan and Cherokee knew how to obtain this Bliss through ritual dance or through shamanic hallucinogens.

The PURPOSE of every system available is to take your Psyche out of the Everyday-Mold 8-5 pattern and BREAK THE MOLD!!!!

A New State of Mind. No pattern, no "expectations".....just pure, smiling BLISS!!!

A Mason can't give you bliss anymore than a Rosicrucian can, anymore than God can. It is up to YOU. It is YOURS to find.
Free-will means you can find it RIGHT NOW, or you can walk past it until another day.

Put down what your doing, pay Attention to your Endocrine system, which is the Chemicals in your Laboratory.
Mix and match until you have found your own personal Formula for Bliss.......

And then find a system that will help you maintain this State of Bliss.

But no system will give you this. It's here right now. Hiding under another day of endless reading. Lift the veil, find your smile, grow it into BLISS. Water this bliss with every thought and action. Your savior is here right now, the salvation of Love and Peace to end the Loss and Confusion.
If the Bliss is in you, you can find no harm. You can live as you wish.
Focuses Attention is a Fractal Compressor. So it actually "builds" the world around you, one platonic solid at a time.

Find Bliss, keep your focus on Bliss, and you will build a world of bliss around you.

It's simply a State of Mind. Which is why someone born deformed or of any race or sex can have this. No body required.

Every system every invented was in the pursuit of Bliss. We are still in the pursuit of bliss.

Stop admiring Buddha and BECOME buddha. Stop worshipping Christ and BECOME Christ. "Any one of you may win the Kingdom."

First you must conquer your Self (doubts, fears and the whole Egotistical 9 yards).

America is giving this lesson RIGHT NOW. Nobody believes they are as great as Thomas Jefferson or Benjamin Franklin, so they idolize the Fore Fathers instead of throwing the Fore Fathers in the Past-Trash and building and fixing the country in it's current imbalanced state.
Benjamin Franklin does not have the answers to the ills of modern society. Those who believe in THEMSELVES will accomplish this.

If they found that State of Mind called Hope and Freedom, then we can too. If Buddha or Christ conquered Death, we can too.

It's a State of Mind that is 100 miles in the opposite direction of your Everyday Cycles of Life.

So mumble in tongues, do an indian dance, anything you can to shatter your everyday Psyche and step into the world of Miracles where anything is possible.

This is bliss. This is the ONE thing everyone wants.

Coming Soon to a Mind near you.

human being said...

how it feels good to read about the peace and calm you have...

a window is a window... we may open it several times a day... and sometimes we are busy inside the house and we may not have the chance to open it for several weeks or months... but the window is always there...
and we are always there ourside the window... waiting for you to open it whenever you felt like it... and sing a song fo us...

love and peace to you dearest Sophia...

Mem Key said...

Bliss is such a hard "message" to share.
I can see why the message of Christ (which is that YOU can obtain Bliss, or The Kingdom) is still muffled by all the "interesting" stories and various media distractions available.

It's so simple, but humans are taught to doubt. We aren't born to doubt, we're TAUGHT to doubt.

It doesn't take a job, money, a system or a "place". It is inside of you RIGHT NOW just waiting to say "hello!!"

But of course, it's so simple that nobody believes me. They want a long list of brain-stuffing info to somehow bring Simplicitiy to the Static of Life.

Static is static. All information is static. Noise. Distraction.

The Height of All Knowledge is to Know Nothing. Buddha taught this, Christ taught this and now even SCIENCE is teaching this.

How many more ways can it be said?

Why look OUTSIDE of you for something that has been INSIDE of you all of your life?

I would rather see people engage this topic (even in disagreement) than see them continue to LOOK, LOOK, LOOK, LOOK, LOOK, LOOK.

For what? Your home is not a turtle shell, it is a spark of Light within.

Looking externally is a silly way to find something Within, wouldn't you agree?

100 degrees in 100 orders could not give you what is yours to take. Seize the moment, seize your Life. Drop everything to find your Bliss, or your troubles are self-imposed.

I love mystery, I love Rosicrucianism and I love the world. But I love BLISS most of all because BLISS is the proverbial "answer" to evertyhing.

Truth is simple. Simple is truth.

Simple IS as simple does. So simply, BE.

Love and Light to all.

Don said...

why say anything about anything?

Don said...

All things must pass.

Don said...

Sophia! (not her real name). Please don't go, I'm getting separation anxiety!!!!!!!

Don said...

"Visions of the World" will be remembered for the beautiful artwork on the first page.

Don said...

Sophia, please give up the Crustaceans and come back here!

Don said...

Visions of the World:


Don said...

If anyone wants to be my neighbor, the house across the street from me has been for sale for a long time.

How much are they asking for it?

Don said...

I could never leave the ranch, though.

Sophia said...

Don, I'm not for sure. Our house just appraised for $135,000, but I could have sworn I heard my husband saying they can't sell the house so they keep lowering the price. If I'm not imagining things, he said $88,000. It's a cute little house. There was an elderly lady that lived there. I didn't know her but one day we came home and they were cleaning out the house, I guess because she either died or went to a nursing home. It's been empty for a long time.

Don said...

I better just stay here then. I hope someone nice moves in, you deserve a good neighbor.

Don said...

And then yall can spend hours and hours communicating.

Don said...

Of course, in a friendly way, talking about this, and that.