Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Without Mirrors

One thing I can't see
That everyone else
In the world can see
If they wanted to
Is me
The outer me that is not
Seen in a mirror

One thing I can see
That everyone else
In the world can't see
If they wanted to
Is me
The me that is
In here
Not out there


Bob said...


Boris said...

Very deep and inspiring!

strangerland said...

I sometimes imagine I have someone else's face, someone I've seen, since I can't see my own. I imagine theirs on my own as I imagine mine on my own from seeing it in the mirror or on film. In my mind they now see what I'm seeing where ever I am which is sometimes embarrassing, but what are you going to do? I suspect they experience themselves or consciousness as I experience me. Almost as if they possess the same mind, but with different details and memories. I picture how they might experience and regard me and my thoughts how they may respond and react. What they might do and how they might go about it. I visit my thoughtless self, racist self, fearful self, angry self or happy self.

Sophia said...

Thanks, guys.

I was sitting here the other night when it struck me that I'd never ever be able to see myself without looking in a mirror or at a photograph. Unless I ever learn how to have an out-of-body experience.

Sophia said...

Wow, Strangerland. Talk about deep! I'm going to have to reread your comment about six or seven times so I can imagine that!

Regarding sharing the same mind, something tells me that we do, in a way. There is what Jung called the Collective Unconscious.

If our minds are thoughts of a bigger Mind, then our thoughts are thoughts within a thought.

jon be me said...

And what is, the "outer me that is not seen in a mirror"?

Is it not, "the outer me", that we see in the mirror and the inner me that is not seen ... in a mirror?

(unless, of course, our reflective moods were to be considered a mirror but that would be our inner mirror reflecting on our inner selves and not the outer mirror reflecting the outer me)

Shubhajit said...

We don't see, we reflect.

It is simple yet powerful verse.

Is university's classes stops because of winter holidays?

Anonymous said...

It is an accomplishment to see your Self.

Maybe at some level all Selves are one. ie One Self reflected by many different colored mirrors.

Don said...

"Maybe at some level all Selves are one. ie One Self reflected by many different colored mirrors."

Hmmm. I wonder how it might be possible for all Humanity to be united as One????

Kathy said...

i like me...

Kathy said...

(((hugs))) ;-)

Kathy said...

Don said: "Hmmm. I wonder how it might be possible for all Humanity to be united as One????"

great question! just knowing that you are me and i are you...could help couldn't it?

Don said...


Perhaps we parts of some larger living organism.

goatman said...

Either way, I think you are pretty neat. I see ,and have always seen, a kind soul. And I suspect that if we were to meet on the street . . .

I had my first flying dream in awhile last night. So watch out, I am free!!

Anonymous said...

Where is the dividing line between outer and inner?

physical body
perceptions of the world
perceptions of Self

Is this an appropriate continuum?

goatman said...

... I would know you.

strangerland said...

Hi Sophia,

I'm taking a short break from blogging while I work on a wood craft project. I'm making an icosadodecahedron which I'm going to paint in four colors with the astrological designs grouped according to the alchemical elements after this idea and this one. It's for a portable Wiccan altar from a cigar box. An idea I lifted from another blogger Leathra although her portable altar is in an Altoids tin. Mine's a bit larger. Plus I need to type up some mathematics notes that I've been dallying with. I move at a snail's pace. I'm snowed in by the blizzard here today so perhaps I'll find the time to work on these projects a little. And for crying out loud we had a power failure the other night which fried my 8 port cable router. No direct replacement available from any local retailer so I have to order a new one from directron. I didn't want to spend the money on that crap. Now I've only got one computer connected to the internet. For crying out loud!

strangerland said...

Icosidodecahedron that is. Here's the pattern.

strangerland said...

Here's a little blank verse I just posted in another blog, but I lile it and here it appears immediately

deep deep the sleep
in day's shadow brings
dark visions and light
vivid tales to remember
and tales to forget
with life their own
and unexpected surprise
while dancing colored patterns
sing within my
woken startled eyes