Tuesday, July 11, 2006


It seems that lately when I've glanced at the clock, it says 11:11 exactly. And also, when I'm on the phone talking to someone and then hang-up, the timer on the phone's display will say 11:11 (eleven minutes and eleven seconds). It varies a little, for instance, sometimes it's 1:11. Or even 2:22, 3:33, 4:44 and 5:55. But mostly it's 11:11.


WH said...

There was a period lasting several years when I was in my 20s where the same thing happened to me -- the 11:11 thing in particular.

Still happens sometimes.

I have no idea what it means, but I do think that it means.


Anonymous said...

In my perception, I think it’s a sign from God that we are being watched and we are not alone, I was born on the 23rd and since first grade at school where I ever go I see the number 23, it was my number at school, time on the watch, cars plates, signs; few days ago I was surprised when I knew that I was setting on table 23 with my girlfriend at the restaurant , as if everything was made to happen by that way, some calls it “23 enigma” but as a believer I look to it as fate, now I even set my alarm clock for 6:23am.

You 2, mayb bcause u r monotheist u started 2 c those type of ciphers.

Good luck in deciphering them.


Bob said...

There was an Indian saint who refused to learn mathematics until he had learnt the meaning of unity.

thomhunt said...

I too see the :11 part most times that I look at a clock. It started for me in 2000 when the clocks always read 9:11. By the way, welcome back.

Faraz Ahmed said...

wow, this is some eerie stuff. I am wondering how i would feel , if this was happening to me.

Very metaphysical stuff. I would like to experience this. its giving me a good feeling even thinking about it. shows that the world is not only the physical aspect , but the metaphysical also.

author of Self Improvement & Spirituality Blog

Synchronicity Diva said...

Long ago I read somewhere that this pattern signifies a significant phase of the spiritual growth for a person who is experiencing this...would be honest to tell you that I cannot recall the source (book, magazine etc...)right now.

per my knowledge, 11 signifies duality. Maybe you are in a phase of balancing your yin and yang energies. 3 means communication with the higher power, the universe maybe.

I would say ask your innerself to interpret these symbols for you.


Shana said...

I've been seeing 11:11 quite regularly since 9/11. Personally I see it as synchronicity, a sign to keep my eye out for the next sign. That's how it seems to work, show you're paying attention and more will be revealed.

Anonymous said...


First things first - welcome back!

I've said it before, but I'll say it again: your fractal art is brilliant.

I was (by uncanny coincidence!) reading this this morning - I thought it might interest you - it comes from a very fine book by Paul Chadwick, which I read almost a decade ago, but I don't know if it's still available outside the universities - if you can find it, it's worth tracking down. Check out his take on the perception of coincidences:


Cheers Stacey


Anonymous said...

oops, try again...


Anonymous said...

ok, you need to add 'htm' to that address. It appears to be cutting off. Excuse my techno-klutziness.


sync_ron_icity said...

Same thing happens to me all the time. It's now 11:34, at 11:16 I received a message, here I am.

Too wierd sometimes . .

utenzi said...

It's 2:02pm now, Stacey. Does that break the spell?

Ikke said...

I was hoping you would stay long enough. What's the matter this time? Still unsure of yourself?
Very often, I wake up in the morning seeing 5:55. But never 6:66.

RishiEd said...

This happens to me all the time. I speculate that the real meaning is that we are timeless. Out of time and space. Our true nature, not confined by our mental concepts, contains both time and space, our thoughts and feelings, and the total appearence of the world we experience.

Kathy said...

there was a period in my life when I'd wake up a lot at 3:00 in the morning. It was wierd!

Happy to see you back and blogging!

Nila-kantha-chandra said...

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MysticSaint said...

A secret to tell you:

"It is better to be mad in a divine way, than to be sane in a human way."


Grandma Cee said...

I have been seeing 11:11 and 1:11
for about 6 years. I've been told
it's significance is about financial prosperity and that it is a powerful "portal" in which to call in prosperity from our unlimited and abundant universe. I regularly do this and my income has
almost tripled. very exciting!

Tattwabodhananda said...

This might be an invitation for you to recognize your destiny as a lightworker. I don't see these signs, although I "accidentally" read about it recently.

If you Google "11:11", it will bring up many hits, like this one:


The Advanced Soul said...

Time to go to VEGA$ and bet it all on 11! Or maybe you'll have 11 children?

Anonymous said...

You've gotta remember that it's 11:11, or 2:22 or whatever twice every single day, and when you look at the clock and its not showing one of these particular numbers you're watching out for, you don't think anything of it.

That's my guess anyway, in my attempt to explain why its always 11:11 or 3:33 when I look at the clock. :\

Joel said...

Recently I came across a web page where this very number 11:11 was mentioned. The explanation given was that the person who is seeing this number is either ascenting or ready to ascent to a higher level of vibration.

I am at work place now and have that page saved at home. If you are interested I will find the page and give you the link. Let me know. My eamil address is


Anonymous said...

I look at 7:11 e
very night on the clock

Anonymous said...

i dunno... ive looked at this a bit too, tho more because i was born november 11th. numbers are pretty infinite (duh) and repetitive things that i often put power/energy/thought into, but in the end, im not sure if it matters much.

then again, 11 is a great symbol for my philosophies and symbols i see in the world- either cuz of choice, destiny, combination, or neighther..

heres to it then.

Anonymous said...

the past like 3 weeks ive been seeing 11:11 or 4:20 or 9:11 constantly. its starting to freak me out a little. and also my birthday is 9/22 and ive been waking up at 9:22 constantly as well. i dont know if it actually means something but its getting pretty weird.

Anonymous said...

I am 18 yrs. and just started college. When I moved out, I began to see 00:13 on the clock all the time.If i were to look at the clock, it would always have a :13 and also i noticed that i was always number 13 in luch lines at school. Not only that, when people ask me the time, i always say at something thirteen. i was starting to freak out..... is this the same with your situation, with the 00:11? david

Anonymous said...

Funny alot of people experience this.. it has to have purpose behind it. I began seeing :11 about 5 times everyday for a year or two a few years back but it went away for awhile.. i then noticed im starting to see it quite more often lately. Not just on clocks but on games too! Just alot of freak occurances..

I read when noticing 11:11 on the clock means that something in ur DNA opens up?? Since we're getting closer to 2012, our DNA's are moving back to a 12 strand..

If ur not familiar with the mayan calender ending in 2012 then just type "2012" on google and there will be plenty of stuff to read on it..

Peace and love.

Anonymous said...

yea...This EXACT same thing happened to me for like 5-7 months now. I have been looking at the clock at 1:11pm, 3:11pm, 4:11pm, 5:11pm,7:11pm, 8:11pm, 9:11pm, and even 12:11am every day for the past 5-7 months. It's been freaking me out a little and now I dont even really care whenever I see it. And which is weird, is that my sister was 11 years older than me and she past away not too long ago and I'm still seeing the 11 thing on clocks. I thought I wouldn't see them anymore, but I guess I was wrong. Now, I'm still seeing the 11 thing but I'm also seeing a new number come up lately for the past 2 weeks. 00:41. I don't know why 41, but I came to a conclusion. I figured out that my sis was 11 years older than me and also, my aunt is 41 years older than me. That right there freaked me out a whole lot. I really hope nothing happens to my aunt. But yea....This is some weird stuff here!!

Anonymous said...

It is happening to me as well. I look a the clock randomly to see 11:11 quite often but now I am waking up in the middle of the night seeing that as well as 2:22, 3:33 4:44 etc. It really is unnerving. I don't believe that someone or something is trying to communicate other than our higher selves. The clock is just a machine that makes numbers show up at specific moments. We are subconsciously and internally processing those moments like when we wake up without an alarm clock because we have gotten up at the same time for so long. Why we are doing this I don't know but maybe it has to do with mother nature, the universe taking over. We are tuning into natures natural rhythms and saying goodbye to the false sense of time that has been imposed upon us for so long.

Kayze said...

Hey All!

I've been seeing 11:11 for many years now. It used to freak me out till I done my research.

Check out:

I usually see 11:11 or ##:11 but recently I have also been seeing 3:33.

I also posted a blog on this.

Check out: www.blog.myspace.com/kayze


Anonymous said...

One brief year in my life i would glance over at the clock and it would always read 11:11. For like the whole 13th year of my life and part of the 14th I was born september 23rd 1989, so it freaked me out when i read ur blog. It doesn't occur so much n e more but it just baffles me that i can actually relate to someone on this subject. I read this book called apocalypse 2012, and on page 40 it stated that the end of the fourth sun in mayan time would occur on this time, is this something to do with GOD, is it a sign from the heavans, it started to go away when i turned like 16 or 17, but man was i stuck on that for a long time when i was younger. Does NE one know what this means? Is it lucky, was i a chosen 1?

Sophia said...

Hi Anonymous,

I hope you come back here to read this.

You are noticing something very important! I haven't quite grasped it all myself yet but I can tell you to keep looking, to keep paying attention, and that you're on the right track.